The 36 Best Kitchen Gadgets

funny kitchen gadgets

Bored with your kitchen? You won’t be after adding these cool kitchen gadgets to your home. There are so many fun options to help you spice up your cooking routine: literally and figuratively! Whether you are a pro in the kitchen or a foodie newbie, these tools are guaranteed to take you to the next level. To keep it easy, we have outlined what we believe are the thirty-six must-have kitchen items on the market. We got you covered for easy food making, convenient on the go, and cleanup made simple. Cheers to keeping things interesting!

Reusable Straw

Useful kitchen gadgets, like reusable straws, are great for the environment too. These are great for you to go ice coffee or at home smoothie. These metal straws are dishwasher safe and come in a variety of cool metallic colors. You can even find ones that fold into a tiny container to make packing easy

Breakfast Sandwich Maker

This is hands down one of the best kitchen gadgets ever! This electric baby will serve you restaurant-quality sandwiches. To an English muffin with egg, cheese, and sausage and pop her in. You are going to love these every morning!

Multi Kitchen Tool

This stackable set is a top kitchen gadget. It is a measuring cup, cheese grater, you name it. All the things you need, in one swift stack. Doesn’t get easier than that!

Potato Brush

These quirky kitchen gadgets are great for scrubbing root vegetables. It is important to get all that dirt and grime of your veggies before you eat them. This tool will make scrubbing simple. You can set them conveniently by the sink for easy access. You can even find ones designed to look like real potatoes. Super fun and functional!

Safety Knobs

This is the best kitchen tool for stovetop safety. In a family home, it's important to watch out for your children and pets. These knob covers will prevent stove accidents without looking bulky!

Steel Wool Scrubber

Ever get grime on a pan that just won’t come off? Say no more! Steel wool can tackle even the toughest food remnants. This a cost-friendly option and will keep your pots and pans looking like new.

Avocado Masher

This is one of the best new kitchen gadgets. Guacamole needs perfect consistency. You can mash your avocado to your favorite texture with one of these mashers. They come with a bowl and mini club that will make for a cute setup!

Avocado Slicer

smart kitchen gadgets

Avocado Toast also requires perfect slices! This process can be quite tedious so let this smart kitchen gadget. Do it for you. Pop an avocado in and the rest is history!

Guacamole Container

Our last avocado friendly tool is a sealed container. Say goodbye to brown guacamole! This airtight container will keep your spread good and fresh longer. Yummy!

Microwave Cleaner

This is one of our super-smart kitchen gadgets. If a dirty microwave is cramping your style, this handy gadget will lift your spirits! Fill the container with water and white vinegar and let the steam remove your stains for you. This will make cleaning easy!

Butter Smoothing Knife

Cold butter is the worst! It just won't spread. Ugh. Say goodbye to chunky butter on your toast. This nifty knife will smooth your butter for you effortlessly. Your morning toast is going to be luscious.

Sponge Holder

Sponges tend to get a little gross. Using cute little sponge caddies is a fun kitchen gadget. This is a great place to set down your sponge and keep things tidy around your sink. You can get ones with fun colors or some cute written messages!

Mason Jars

quirky kitchen gadgets

If you’re looking to save money on glasses gather up some mason jars. They are super eclectic and fun, plus they won’t break the bank. Reuse jars from pasta sauce, soup, or whatever you have. Clean them up, remove stickers and you are good to go!

Mason Jar Measuring Cups

If you want even more mason jars in your life, opt for these stylish measuring cups. They are stacked by size perfectly to mimic a mason jar. These will make for a cute surprise on your kitchen counter!


If you want your meals and desserts to pack some tangy flavor, you’ll definitely need a zester. A stainless steel option with a blade wiper is best. Get your limes and lemons ready!

Swiss Peeler

This peeler will make getting rid of veggie skins simple. This tool is swift and efficient!

Bicycle Wheel Pizza Cutter

This is a super fun kitchen gadget. Cutting pizza is always fun, but wait until you try this cutter! The double wheel will make for a super cleanly cut slice. You’ll love whipping out the bike at your next pizza party.

Peanut Butter Spoon

I think it is safe to say that we are all guilty of eating peanut butter right out of the jar. It is delicious but the spoon is always left super sticky! This spoon is designed for peanut butter and allows it to slide off effortlessly. It is also just an adorable little spatula. That way you get every little bit of it!

Lemon Juicer

fun kitchen gadgets

Squeezing lemons is a lot of work, but not with this juicer handy. Opt for a lemon drop juicer and you’ll see how easy it can be. You’ll get every bit of juice out with none of the seeds! Get yours today.

Strawberry Huller

This tool is super convenient. It will get rid of the stems and cores of your strawberries without wasting the best parts. Perfect for baking and filling!

Take Out Dice

Deciding on dinner is tough! You can go back and forth for hours at times. Make deciding easy with these adorable Take Out Dice. They have food pictures on each square. Everything from pizza to sushi. It is a ton of fun and takes all the pressure off ordering. Perfect!

Lasagna Trio

If you love making lasagna but need a few options to please your family, say no more. This three tray pan gives you flexibility. Fill each compartment with a different flavor of lasagna. For example one vegetarian, one cheese, and one meat. Everyone will be happy when you use this cool cooking gadget!

Extendable Rolling Pin

You can get the best of both worlds with this rolling pin! With a few easy adjustments, you can adjust the length of the pin. It also has a ruler so you can keep track of diameter when rolling. This makes for super-accurate baking! Score!

Whisk Cleaner

This is the best kitchen tool for bakers. I think we can all agree that cleaning the whisk after baking sucks. Things are always stuck in its awkward shape and it can take forever. This whisk wiper will remove leftover residue quickly. Saving your time and dish soap!

Funky Salt and Pepper Shakers

Your salt and pepper shakers say a lot about you, so give them some personality! You can find them in a wide variety of styles and colors. Anything from cats, modern art to star wars characters. These shakers will surely spice up your kitchen!

Quesadilla Maker

These are just delicious! If you want restaurant-quality quesadillas from the comfort of your own home, look no further. Stuff them with what you want and pop them in. Cool cooking gadgets like this do all the work for you. They will be packed with fun and flavor! This is amazing finger food for the next time you have guests.

Coffee Scoop and Clip Combo

This is one of our favorite dual-purpose unique kitchen gadgets. You can keep your coffee extra fresh and scoop it too. This stunning, sleek, silver clamp holds your coffee bag tightly and you get a bonus spoon on the end. This will make your morning coffee routine breeze!

Butter Churner

This is for our old school readers! If you want yummy butter from the good old days, grab yourself one of these. Making your own butter from scratch is an amazing talent.

Rocker Oven Mitts

These unique mitts will turn heads every time you pull something out of the oven. They are super fun and made in the shape of a shocker’s hand. Not to mention they’ll also be a great conversation starter with a date or during a dinner party!

Baking Cups

If you don’t want to store a full-on cupcake tray, go for these buddies. They stand strong on their own on a typical baking sheet, unlike other cups. They are disposable like all the rest and will hold your cake nice and snug. They also come in a variety of fun colors!

Muffin Top Holders

This one is for our jokesters. Pop your muffin in a pair of jeans and it really is a muffin top. These jean holders are one of our amazing kitchen gadgets with a sense of humor. These hilarious muffins will definitely be loved by anyone you give one to!

Oven Puller

Who else hates burning themselves while pulling the tray out of the oven? This amazing tool will help you get your goods out of the oven to burn free. You can get them in a variety of funky styles.

Oil Spray Bottle

Sometimes all you want is a spritz of oil and this is how you’ll achieve that. Fill this bottle with your favorite cooking oil and get creative. You will waste less oil using this method and get better cooking results. Win-win!

Mushroom Cleaning Brush

This cute little brush will make doing the dishes a little more whimsical. This scrubber is tough on stains and easy on the eyes! It will fit perfectly by your sink and look extra cute too.

Pancake Batter Mixer

Mixing batter by hand is quite the chore and there is no guarantee you will get it right. Using this tool, you will get fluffy and even pancakes!

Retro Microwave

Last but not least, we have our favorite cool kitchen appliances. Retro microwaves are coming back! You can find them in many shades from turquoise to bright ruby red.

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