Modern Terrazzo Tile and Its Best Applications in Your Bathroom Interior Design

terrazzo tiles bathroom

The texture of terrazzo tiles in the bathroom – or indeed anywhere else - can bring to mind thoughts of a sunny holiday in the Italian countryside. Terrazzo tiles bathroom, as everyone strives to make their homes luxurious with a relaxing atmosphere. If you're looking for terrazzo bathroom ideas, this is the place to go. This amazing material brings texture, color, and personality to the bathroom – while being incredibly practical and durable.

If you're browsing through bathroom wall ideas in search of something unusual, terrazzo could well be the perfect find. It's charming, on-trend, colorful, and textured. Plus, it's practical.

Correctly laying terrazzo in the bathroom is an art of its own. Below, we'll tell you what you need to do to choose everything from the right color scheme to the right material.

The Origin of a Porcelain Terrazzo Tile

What is terrazzo tile? The idea for Terrazzo flooring originated in the 15th century in the beautiful Italian city of Venice. The patterned floor we all know and love today was first invented by Italian builders when they decided to use marble fragments they had saved from construction work to design their own terraces. They coined the name "terrazzo", which means "terrace" in Italian, for the method, which involved laying marble remnants next to each other in a clay mortar base to create inexpensive terraces in workers' houses.

The terrazzo industry certainly evolved over the centuries. Creating this vintage style became much easier in the late 1920s, with the invention of electric grinders and other power tools. Finally, in the 1960s and 1970s, epoxy-based terrazzo entered the scene. This modern method provided a greater variety of colors, different thicknesses, and faster laying than traditional cement-based terrazzo.

Terrazzo Tiles for Bathrooms

Terrazzo flooring

Terrazzo is more than suitable for bathrooms.

Terrazzo look tiles are no longer just for floors, they look stylish on worktops, as backsplashes, and on walls. Whether you're creating an industrial look or an open-plan living space, terrazzo can complement almost any style, including outdoor spaces.

When it comes to real terrazzo, expect vintage handmade charm, often combined with marble content, making it very durable and ideal for busy homes. Over time, real terrazzo tiles сan take on a beautiful, lived-in look.

Terrazzo tiles come in all shapes and sizes and in different materials, including porcelain, which perfectly imitates the original. The use of porcelain makes the tiles low-maintenance and lighter in weight, making them ideal for tiling walls.

But if you want to use them in the bathroom, be sure to inquire about their slip resistance.

The Cost of Terrazzo Tiles

According to experts, the terrazzo tiles are an extremely complex and costly process that ultimately results in an expensive end product.

Tips for Using Terrazzo Tiles in the Bathroom

terrazzo bathroom

Large Terrazzo Tiles

Considering bathrooms with terrazzo in a contemporary style? The size of the terrazzo tiles is key.

Large scale reveals more of the textural and color subtleties of each stone than a traditional terrazzo.

Combination of Styles with Terrazzo

Terrazzo bathrooms can be designed differently. In doing so, you can combine different types or kinds of this richly textured material. That is, bathroom floor tile ideas can be combined with contrasting terrazzo on other surfaces.

Terrazzo comes in different types, but the main types of real terrazzo are cement or resin-based.

Properly Matching Walls and Flooring

The bathroom can be terrazzo on the wall and on the floor. It's also ideal if you're exploring modern bathroom ideas.

One of its main advantages is how flexible tiles can be. It works on several levels, providing pattern, color, and a sense of dynamism and movement.

At a distance, the speckles almost blur, creating a surprisingly crisp and seamless look that is perfect for a modern terrazzo bathroom.

Terrazzo in a Small Space

Let terrazzo tiles play up the bathroom by choosing simple monochrome accessories and furniture.

Don't avoid color in compact bathrooms, as it brings surprising depth to a small space. The natural terrazzo pattern adds interest and color without the need for an overly complex design involving several tile styles.

The practical advantage of terrazzo tiles is that the pattern runs across the entire surface, so the cut edges look just as beautiful as the front of the tile, perfect for elaborate storage niches in the terrazzo shower.

Terrazzo as a Focal Point

In love with terrazzo bathrooms but worried yours will look too chaotic? And this is a great addition to your list of master bathroom ideas, as the tiles will create a focal point without overwhelming the room.

A terrazzo sink can be decorated with a multitude of colors. And dark inclusions on the sink, for example, complement the design.

A Worthy Alternative to Terrazzo

If you're looking for a new approach to bathroom tile ideas, make your terrazzo bathroom cheaper by using terrazzo-like porcelain stoneware, which is about half the price of traditional terrazzo per square meter and requires little maintenance.

Traditional terrazzo often has limitations due to the cost as well as the thickness of the tiles, which can affect their use. Terrazzo-inspired porcelain stoneware is the ideal way to enjoy the visual effect of traditional terrazzo, but with all the practical properties of this material. The intricately printed graphics on porcelain create a very durable material, available in minimal thicknesses and requiring no maintenance.

Diverse Patterns

Experimenting with different scales of the same pattern is a popular way to add interest and dynamism when decorating with wallpaper and fabrics. It also allows the same color scheme to be used from floor to ceiling, maintaining a clear separation between horizontal and vertical surfaces.

Use the large-scale pattern more sparingly for maximum effect without being cluttered, and use smaller patterns in larger areas to give your eyes a chance to rest.

Solid Terrazzo Decor

If you like terrazzo bathrooms that use the material on both the floor and the walls, it's best to go for larger, well-placed patches rather than saturated terrazzo. This will provide a calmer atmosphere - but it pays to be discreet, limiting the terrazzo on the walls to panels or backsplashes rather than covering every available inch with it.

Dark Color in the Bathroom

We're all familiar with the other side of terrazzo – it's a retro style. But when you choose a dark color, terrazzo bathrooms suddenly become more mature and sophisticated - perfect for spa bath ideas.

The result is dramatic yet soothing at the same time.

Decorative Tiled Walls

If you want an unconventional bathroom interior design, a half wall will concentrate all the beauty of a terrazzo, allowing you to take a bath in a more relaxed environment. This soothing tile is the perfect way to create a relaxing environment.

It's worth noting that terrazzo, whether porcelain or cement, conducts heat well, so it pairs well with underfloor heating, which will help get rid of the cold and keep the floor dry.

Terrazzo and Natural Materials

Neutral and calm colors are a major trend this year, but how do you make a distinctive material like terrazzo match them? We recommend giving terrazzo bathrooms a down-to-earth feel by combining them with natural materials.

For example, the use of concrete sinks and terrazzo on a cement base, both in muted tones, enhances the feeling of harmony, creating a casual, simple, and flowing look. Add white walls and tiles for the back wall in muted tones, and you have a tranquil look that celebrates the casualness of neutral trends.

Terrazzo and Shower Room

Terrazzo can be used in the shower area. Bear in mind that terrazzo effect porcelain tiles are lighter in color, so they may be more practical for use on partitions for example, but in general terrazzo is a practical, durable surface that can withstand the wear and tear and wet conditions of a shower room. Make sure the terrazzo on the shower floor is slip-resistant.

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