Technological Interior: Comfortable Microclimate in Your House

technologies in the interior design

Cultural and economic factors, modern technologies, environmental problems affect our lives. We value our homes which embody safety and comfort, especially in a situation of self-isolation more than ever.

A comfortable home climate is important throughout the whole year. It is created with the help of technological systems of light control and blinds, air conditioning, and ventilation. We prefer technologies with a functional and aesthetic design (they should be simple and intuitive to use in our homes) because of the accelerated rhythm of life.

High-Tech (one of the most popular modern interior design styles) perfectly fits the "technological" description. Its interior features are far from cozy and warm. This is the reason why this style has branded itself first in the office space.

However, people choose it for implementation despite its features in apartments or houses. It is unusual, futuristic, and technological. In such an interior everything has been thought out, down to the smallest detail.

The high-tech style is a mixture of originality, minimalism, science, technology, and progress. This direction requires a large space, which is filled with comfortable elements. “Hi-tech” is the design of the 21-st century.

High-Tech Interior


The most recognizable feature of the Hi-Tech style is its good lighting.

The “Hi-tech” assumes good room lighting (created by artificial light sources) in the interior of the apartment. Geometric forms of lighting fixtures are preferable.

Accommodation of Equipment

The equipment is not hidden but, conversely, it is exhibited according to this style of interior. Therefore, if you have to pick home gadgets, special attention should be paid to design. It is important that they comply with other interior elements harmoniously.

Color Palette

The basic colors are white, beige, a light shade of grey, metallic. The application of contrasts and colorful accents are possible too.

Mirrors and Reflections

The “High-tech” style of the interior is often complemented by the mirror and reflective surfaces. These elements help to visually increase the room, adjust the shape of space, and scatter the light. Glasses and mirrors, glossy textures are decorated most often with vertical planes, such as walls, furniture doors.

Preferred Materials

Mainly used materials are glass, plastic, and metal. The use of wood and stone is also practiced, and the designer should make sure that they look technologically and modernly.

The general rule of this style is a perfectly harmonious and balanced combination of clear forms and lines, pragmatism, and practicality, a sense of airiness, and visual purity. Sometimes “Hi-Tech” is criticized for its monotony and inexpressiveness.

We will tell you how to mitigate the impression and make an interior in the High-Tech style more interesting.

The Mix of Materials

how to create technological interior

Typical “Hi-Tech” interior is characterized by the use of ultra-modern and newly invented innovative materials that create a light environment – glass, plastic, metal. Noble leather, smooth textiles, and ebony will look harmoniously too.

The Concision

Ideal furniture for High-tech style is a correct and simple geometry but with a high level of functionality. It can be glazed shelves, laconic coffee tables, modular sofas-transformers, high chairs with rectangular forms.

Using of Halftones

The use of a monochrome cold palette (black and white shades close to gray) are allowed in the modern interior of "Hi-Tech". The accent of the interior can be achieved by combining the halftones within the same color – it helps to bring up the airiness and volume to the interior.

Modern “Hi-tech” needs bright, provocative accents like “a breath of fresh air”. Therefore, you should add a "punch line". For example a pair of bright pillows or a vase of unusual shape.

Smart Details

smart interior

“Hi-tech” interiors can’t be imagined without innovative high-tech details: upholstery furniture made of environmentally friendly fabrics, as well as non-standard functionality.

For example, a sofa that you can "hide" in the wall, or a small table that transforms into a full dining area, smart technological control systems.

Also, your technological interior will be perfectly complemented by novelties from the world of technology such as electronic digital wallpaper, cold ceilings, mirror TV, smart fridge, and fluorescent textiles.

The “Smart Home” technology deserves special attention. The “Smart Home” system manages, integrates electronic devices, harmonizes their work with each other, and helps to use the most of their opportunities.

The conventional switches, touch screen control, or remote control can adjust the heating, ventilation, lighting systems, control blinds, appliances, yard gates, security system, and more. You can control the appliances in your home (by computer or mobile phone) using the Internet even when you are away from home.

In addition, the “Smart Home” system can help you to keep order in your house (you will have the opportunity to monitor the condition of your house, pay for utilities and receive the notification when your use of water or electricity exceeds the selected limit).

"Smart Home" won't only warn you but also cut off your electricity, gas or water supply in unforeseen circumstances. And these are just some of the “Smart Home” benefits.

Of course, such a large-scale system is quite expensive but not only the wealthiest people in the world can afford it.

Without Decoration

“High-tech” style doesn’t need any bling’s and decorations. If you want to dilute the ascetic environment with a few accessories they should be matched and selected perfectly.

The accent can be one of the walls finishing, a stylish partition, a textured blanket, a fancy shelf shape, and unevenly hung paintings of a similar plot or even a sea view outside the window: just look a little wider at the situation and use the images around you.

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