It’s Not Difficult to Build Your Own Sunroom at Home - Find Out How to Do It Easily and Simply

Best Sunroom Ideas to Relax

Whether indoors or outdoors, sunrooms and covered verandas offer the best of both worlds. Whether you take a summer afternoon nap or want to enjoy the fresh air outdoors in winter, the sunroom ideas are the fairytale-like place for relaxation and relaxation.

What is a sunroom used for? Sunroom addition ideas offer the opportunity to expand your living and entertainment space, so make sure it is a comfortable place for you and your guests to enjoy. For the cozy room furniture, consider large upholstered furniture that provides several seating areas and facilitates casual conversation. Make your home sunroom design more inviting by decorating it with plush throw pillows, potted plants, and a coffee table lined with books.

How to Build a Sunroom with Your Own Hands?

The terrace in the house is not just an extension, but an additional space that expands the area of the house. Here you can relax with a cup of tea, shelter from the summer heat or autumn rain. But first, let's figure out the plan for building and find out how to build your own sunroom at home?.

DIY Sun Porch Ideas of Construction Plan

DIY Sun Porch Ideas of Construction Plan

The first step is to agree on a project and sunroom plans even before construction begins.

Choose a suitable construction site.

Mark the future terrace with pegs and ribbons, so it will be easier to imagine its dimensions

Decide on the layout and height of the structure.

You can approve a budget for building materials.

Prepare the necessary tools in advance.

Selection of Location

When choosing a place for construction, one must take into account the location of the house or summer cottage. For example, if the entrance to the building is located on the south side, then you can make a sunroom attached to the house. On such a terrace it will be possible to bask in the sun even in winter.

If the entrance is on the north side, it will be cool on the terrace, which is very useful in the summer heat. In this case, you can use the option with a terrace enveloping the whole house, so that you can move behind the sun's rays.

If the site has a pool, a waterfall, or not a large pond, you should think about building a free-standing structure. If your house is located on the shore of a reservoir, the best option would be constructed on the shore.

Location options for home sunrooms:

  • attached to the house;
  • enveloping the whole house;
  • freestanding.

Design Ideas for Sunrooms

Today, the most popular types of sunrooms design are the following:


Design Ideas for Sunrooms Modern

Modern style assumes comfortable minimalism. The better the less, but better quality fits this style of sunrooms added to house design. Strict lines, laconic forms, simplicity, and functionality in everything. But at the same time, the style is not devoid of comfort and coziness.

The furniture on such a terrace is simple but practical, often a designer and original. Decorative elements on the terrace, decorated in a modern style, are absent at all or are presented very modestly. Most often, quite functional items are used as decor - lighting devices, additional furniture (coffee tables, coasters).

For the execution of a modern terrace, durable, but unpretentious materials for operation and maintenance are used - metal and stone, various composites.


Design Ideas for Sunrooms

The traditional style is not complete without decor. In the construction of the backyard sunroom itself, it can be present in the execution of handrails, the use of skirting boards of various configurations. Instead of supports, you can use columns - hexagonal or round. In order to smooth the corners and, as a result, soften the entire image of the sunroom patio, octahedrons and grooved corners are used. Most often, in the construction of a traditional terrace, natural materials are used - wood and stone. Wood species with a beautiful natural pattern are selected - cedar or mahogany gives pleasant, cozy shades and lasts a long time.


The colonial style is based on the use of motives of classical architecture, but with the use of colorful elements. Colonial style is always practical, coupled with beauty, symmetry, and convenience, decoration with flowers, and borrowing elements of architecture from countries - former colonies. For example, a pergola, an original bench, or a snow-white railing with decorative balusters can be an accent detail of such a terrace.

Coastal (Beach)

Design Ideas for Sunrooms

If your home is located by the sea or lakeside, then beach or coastal style is the perfect choice for your deck sunroom. In such a place, like in no other, you want all buildings to be in harmony with the surrounding landscape, to fit most organically into the overall picture. When making a coastal stand-alone sunroom, special attention should be paid to the choice of building and finishing materials. A good solution would be to use a gray composite decking or the use of cedar in combination with gray paint. Of course, a terrace in the coastal part must be built with a view of the water - the sea, forest lake or river.

Sunroom Building Materials Selection

The building material for outdoor sunroom ideas is usually chosen based on personal budget and preferences. You can save on construction if you build it yourself, and use the rest from the construction of the main building.

In this case, it will be combined with the house: a wood sunroom will complement a wooden structure, and a brick building will decorate a stone one. Wood is a natural material, but it requires constant protection and care.

A stone or brick is durable, does not require additional protection. But in cold weather, it can freeze, which is not very convenient.

Shape Selection

The simplest are rectangular or square terraces.

But if you need an original design, you can add a sunroom to the house and make a polygonal and multi-level design.

Moreover, if each level is tilted away from the house, then the result is good drainage of water and there will be no puddles on it after rain.

Sunroom Construction Stages

The terrace consists of such basic elements as:

  • foundation;
  • flooring;
  • auxiliary structures.

The first two points are required elements, the last one depends on the owner's wishes.

Foundation for Sunrooms

This is a lightweight structure and pre-built sunroom, so you can use such types of foundations for it:

  • columnar made of monolithic concrete with reinforcement;
  • pile;
  • pile - screw.

The distance between the supports is no more than 1.5 - 2 m. The foundation must be rised at least 10 cm above ground level.

Sun Room Decoration

How to decorate the design of the terrace? It all depends on its size and the style of arrangement you choose. But there are also universal options that are suitable for sun porch designs of all shapes and sizes, stylistic and design. Lighting devices can become practical decor. The lighting of the facade of the building refers to utilitarian or functional types, designed primarily to ensure the safe presence of a person near the house at night. But the lighting system is quite capable of serving as a decorative element.

Beautiful forged elements of wall lamps or original, designer versions of pendant lamps with shades - every owner, with any wallet size, will be able to find his own version of a non-trivial lighting device. Lighting on the terrace should be soft diffused - not hitting the eyes with streams of light, but create a comfortable, pleasant atmosphere, but at the same time make it possible to move along the deck with a high level of safety.

Another practical option of sunroom remodeling ideas and decorating is to install a fireplace. It is obvious that the functional background of this structure is beyond doubt. At the same time, watching the flame play is an incredibly relaxing experience. If at the same time you are sitting in a comfortable chair or on a soft sofa, then outdoor recreation can be considered highly comfortable.

You can use it as decoration for sunroom porch ideas:

  • Chinese lanterns;
  • tiles in the form of bricks;
  • unusual pattern of the fence;
  • natural plants or artificial flowers.

In addition, a brazier can be placed on the sunroom exterior. Rattan wicker chairs are usually used as furniture. The design depends on the owner's imagination, so there are no two identical terraces in the world, each of them is unique.

We believe that bridging the gap between indoor and outdoor, a sunroom combines warm natural light and outdoor views with indoor comfort. It's the perfect place to relax with a book or a morning coffee, and there are tons of ways to decorate the solarium. With a smart layout and beautiful accents, you can turn the exterior sunroom pictures into the most used place in your home. And by using our sunroom design plans and decorating ideas, you are sure to create your own unique and ideal place for relaxation.

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