What Is It and How to Create a Sunken Room in Your Home Design? We Will Gladly Tell about This

Create a Sunken Room

Some may think the sunken living room design is outdated. But these days, this design is becoming more and more popular. It not only helps to divide the space but also creates a cozy atmosphere. Typically, drowned living quarters can be found in houses of different styles.

What Is a Sunken Living Room?

The recessed living room, as the name implies, is lowered just below another floor level, giving the impression of a recessed room or space descended down.

How to raise a sunken living room floor? You can either drown the circular area in the home layout or make it rectangular, depending on your design preferences and available space.

This immersion leaves a cozy space in the sunken living room floor plans that you can furnish and transform into a gorgeous, cozy living space.

But like any other style, homes with sunken living rooms have its pros and cons that you must understand if you are going to implement this into your home interior design.

Recessed Living Room Style Concept

It is unusual for a certain style to withstand the touch of time, but this is what the sunken living room emphasizes.

They have not changed a bit from the way we perceive them, and they end up becoming more popular among open concept property owners.

This kind of design has incredible power to make a living room spacious and comfortable, and we are well aware that the two rarely fit together.

The golden age of sunken space styles was in the sixties and seventies when they were largely adopted by bar and restaurant owners.

At the time, many Hollywood producers and other stars embraced this principle for their homes, believing it to be the most challenging service they had ever discovered.

However, according to some information, the origins of the Sunken Rooms can be traced back to the 1920s, when many popular hotels and private homes used them for personal and major conferences.

How To Make a Sunken Room?

Recessed Living Room Style Concept

Do you already have a house with a Sunken Living Room? There are definitely ways to make it harmonious with the rest of your vision. Use our tips to make sure your sunken room is up-to-date and stylish.

Take Precautions

Don’t step down living room safety. Remember that visitors will not be as used to sunken spaces as those who live in your home. Install handrails or use materials to make sure the steps are clearly marked step down the living room railing. For example, you can use different sunken living room solutions and floors for the stairs. Or you can paint the stairs so they are easy to see and not mix with the rest of the floor.

Use the Right Furniture

Make sunken spaces more meaningful and less uncomfortable by filling them with furniture. Using the right weights for sofas, tables and pillows give the sunken space a clear purpose: to rest. When filled with toy storage and activity centers, it becomes clear that it is intended for children. Regardless of how you use your sunken space, filling it in with parts gets rid of awkward corners.

Use Color and Light

Sunken living room railing ideas - especially in older homes - can sometimes appear dark and inhospitable. Use light and color to make the space more inviting. Use the same colors in the sunken room as in the rest of your home. Choose upholstery and furniture to make the room an integral part of your home. And don't forget about lots of light: interesting ceiling light and lots of accent lighting will ensure your sunken room doesn't feel dark and damp.

Love them or not, step-down living room ideas and sunken rooms are likely to always be a part of architecture and home design. Whether your home comes with a sunken room or you are planning it as part of a new home, they can definitely be fun and chic. With the right look, a sunken room can really be your treasure.

5 Stunning Sunken Living Room Ideas To Inspire You

Here are some ideas you should be thinking about:

  1. Simple sunken family room at floor level. Who said there should be something elegant or ostentatious about your sunken space? The reality is that you can make your place in your home quite appealing with the usual furniture you have. It's worth noting that the simpler your space is, the better it will blend in with a wooden floor or multiple large windows for a good conversation pit.
  2. Perpendicularly recessed living room. Perpendicularity matches a stylish yet warm living room with horizontal and vertical lines and more strict geometric shapes. They look great with a little modern twist. This look will not have a more seductive design in your living room, as it is simple and open, directly connected to other rooms. Therefore, it looks stylish not only in design but also in furniture.
  3. Modern eclectic living room under the ceiling. A sunken lounge-style living room is great with focal aspects. Especially when it comes to a fireplace or a light chimney that opens up and outward views. This modern, eclectic living room style is one of the trendiest of the modern era.
  4. Rustic drop down living room. What is actually normal for a rustic living room is the sense of comfort and the different seating they provide.
  5. Majestic sunken room design. The majestic sunken spaces remain true examples that provide plenty of room for furniture to move around.

Benefits of a Sunken Living Room

Benefits of a Sunken Living Room

So why would you drown part of your living room? Well, the reasons can range from the function of the space to the design and other factors such as the need for free space.

Here are many benefits for your room:

A Great Way to Define a Space/Room

A sunken living room remodel is a smart way to mark a location or area in your home. If you have a large area and you want to give it a unique look, then embedding part of it is one of the best options.

The sunken area will stand out from others and always be the center of attraction.

You Get Rid of Unnecessary Walls

Again, drowning the square can help you divide rooms without using shared walls, half walls, or partitions.

Recessing the floor is a great idea when you need an open plan with or without multiple walls.


Many open plan lovers fall in love with sunken floor design because they add a sense of openness.

And yes! You create enough space and reduce clutter when everything else is tucked into the ground.


Again, you can set your conversation pit living room indoors or outdoors. And the result is always amazing.

One of the outdoor design ideas is to drown the patio and add cozy seating to the flooded area. Or you can go crazy with the design and integrate it into your pool.

Disadvantages of a Sunken Room

Disadvantages of a Sunken Room

So why and when is it best to avoid approaching a sunken living room?

Fits Perfectly Only In a Large Room

Comparison is everything when you want to drown a lot in your home. Squeezing a sunken room into an already cluttered space can be a design disaster.

Worse, the feeling of being in a hole in a small room can remind you of your bath, which is not what you want.

Finally, when you lower a small area, it becomes less ergonomic because it can hardly hold half of what you would like to include in it.

The Sunken Space Is Not Flexible to Use

Let's say you made a circular hole in your living room. The next thing you know when you need to redesign your furniture is that your options are limited because you dug a circular hole.

In short, sunken rooms are not as flexible in design as standard ones.

Expensive Design

Again, a lot of architectural work is required to build a step-down living room, which explains why you have to dig in your pockets.

This is a relatively more expensive project because you have two budgets; one for architectural work and a separate one for furniture. Getting rid of this style is also expensive.

To Do Or Not to Do a Sunken Living Room Design?

We believe that the choice is yours. But let common sense and design principles guide you every decision. Be very careful when investing significant sums in a complex project or just step down living room house plans.

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