Sun-Off – the Most Stylish Ways to Decorate the Windows

drapes and curtains for the windows

It is difficult to imagine the interior without using the curtains. This decorative element is able not only to protect from sunlight and drafts, to revive the space, decorating it with its presence but also to smooth the imperfections of the window. Curtains play an important and final role in the arrangement of an apartment, this is the last touch that can either emphasize the beauty of the interior or spoil the overall impression. First, let's look at some existing types of curtains to make the decision a little easier.

Cafe-Style Curtain

This type of curtains is relatively young, their name arose due to the place where they were most often used - a bistro or a cafe. And they used them to give the institution a homely atmosphere. Most often, these short curtains are hung on the cornice in the middle of the window, so that its upper part remains open. Their production requires very little fabric, by the way, it should not be heavy.

French Curtains

This type of curtains consists of several separate sections, each of which has lush folds of fabric falling down over the entire length. It looks luxurious and elegant. For French curtains, light and translucent fabric are mainly used: satin, silk, tulle, muslin, more.

Austrian Curtains

They combine the lush folds of French curtains and the laconic Roman mechanism. Unlike French curtains, these folds occur only when they are pulled together. Almost any fabric can be used, but most often preference is given to translucent airy textures.


For the manufacture of curtains, thick fabrics are traditionally used that can show the richness of the window and protect it from light. Especially appropriate they will look in large rooms. They are best chosen to decorate the bedroom (something calmly plain) or the living room (where you can give preference to large drawings).

Curtains Color Block

These curtains consist of several colors of fabric, such as horizontal blocks sewn into one amazing canvas. They look very impressive and add original brightness to the interior.

Japanese Curtains

They have several names - Japanese curtains, panel curtains, Japanese panels. Be that as it may, these curtains are a laconic and oriental elegant window design that resembles a screen. Japanese curtains are a system of flat canvases that are attached to a multi-layer cornice. As a rule, panels are made of natural materials (cotton, linen), sometimes they can even be from a combination of different textures. Japanese curtains will look great in a minimalist interior on large wide windows.

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