Summer Renovations of Your Garden – Get Ready for the Heat!

summer garden

The warmer it gets outside, the more time we spend in our gardens. Here we usually drink coffee (or even have every meal), work with the laptop, get together with friends, and have our children playing in the fresh air… So, this place really needs to be taken care of.

Even though the biggest part of the job in the garden we do in spring, the beginning of the summer is the time when you have to do some important operations as well.

Fighting with the Pests and Plants Fertilizing

fighting with the pests

This is the time when most of the flowers have intensive processes of preparation for blooming, so it is necessary to fertilize them. Superphosphate, ammonium nitrate, and potassium chloride are your best helpers in this matter, but you have to thoroughly follow up the directions on the package. Apple fruit eater, mole, aphid, scab, fruit rot are your biggest enemies at this time of year and can bring you a lot of troubles. You should use karbofos, polycarbacin, polihom to fight them and to save your trees and flowers

Renew Your Furniture

furniture renovation

Take a critical look at the furniture in your garden. A sustainable lifestyle tells us not to think away from things right away if you notice some flaw in them. A lot of imperfections are very easy to be removed with help of glue, polish, nail, and paint. You can even invite a professional master to do it, and anyway, it will be much cheaper and better for the environment. You can also turn your old inside furniture into garden decoration – it is plenty of DIYs on how to do it. Just keep in mind that you have to think about the shelter for it during the rain, as most of it is not intended to be used outside.

Plant New Flowers

Now is the perfect time to plant dahlias, canna, gladiolus, fleur-de-lis, calendula, bells, daisies, rudbeckia, hosts, coreopsis, lilies, muscari.

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