Studio Barbara Gollackner Presented a Set of Tableware Made From Food Waste

Studio Barbara Gollackner

Barbara Gollackner has presented a collection of tableware made from food waste. The items were created from industrial and personal food waste and can be seen during the Design Week which takes place in Vienna.

Barbara Gollackner has presented a collection of tableware

Vienna-based designer Gollackner collaborated with Austrian cook and restaurant owner Martin Kilga to create a Wasteware line. The Design Studio will exhibit a range of bowls, plates, and other tableware made from unwanted food.

The minimalistic collection tableware

After the designer discovered that 90 million tons of food is wasting in Europe every year, and 30 million tons of waste from single-use dishes, are produced, Gollackner decided to combine these two issues. And the idea of making new materials out of food waste transformed into tableware items. Such food waste as pork skin and old bread was gathered by the Studio that then dried out, cooked, and blended into a smooth paste. Sometimes water or extra food items were added to the mix. Next, the paste was implanted into the 3D printer and printed into simple shapes.

The minimalistic collection features colorful teaspoons, green cups, and beige bowls which can be used either once or multiple times. The main aim of the designer was to show that there are other options to throwing away food waste.

Waste Ware – Products made from Food Waste will be displayed starting from 24 September, and will be available until 3 October 2021.

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