Studio Apartment: Pros and Cons

studio apartment

This trendy way of apartment arranging is very popular nowadays. Some developers even give the opportunity for clients to live in an apartment without any separators or to put them on the plan the way they wish while it is being yet built up.

Initially, this type of flats was popular among creative youth in Europe and the USA. They were used not only for living and getting together but also for creative activities as workshops, which was reflected in the name.

Nowadays studio apartments are also popular mostly among young people because of their low costs and convenience.


The main reason why young people love it so much is the feeling of open space. Even a small apartment looks spacious without walls and separators. Sometimes they make studios out of flats with not enough light. In the end, you get at least two windows and get rid of the dark corridor.

It also gives a space for embodying more design ideas, as you are not limited to small areas and can realize really interesting and unusual concepts.

Studio type of layout helps to arrange the space in a more effective and functional way, as different zones can be located in the most convenient for the owner way. You lace the zones around up to your preferences and habits.

Besides, you need a smaller area to put into a flat all the necessary things, so there is no need to pay for extra square meters.


Regardless of all attractiveness studio apartments have a number of limitations. It is comfortable to live in it only for a single person or for a couple without kids. Children need to have a separate space, which contradicts the very idea of a studio.

People that live in-studio must hold to the same schedule and biorhythms. If one loves to sleep until noon and the other one needs to be on duty at 8:00 it might cause serious inconveniences.

You cannot invite your friends to overnight at your site. Well, only if it is a very close friend and the presence of another person in the same room doesn’t bother you.

Besides, you might have a problem if redeveloping a regular apartment into a studio. The clearance from special services to remove the walls is always needed and might happen that some walls are not allowed to be taken off.

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