Studio Apartment Design Ideas

Small studio design ideas

You are lucky to have an apartment that is small and cozy but you wonder how you are going to be able to decorate it to enhance it? You've come to the right place! In this article, we have lots of small studio design ideas to help you. Indeed, who said that the size of an apartment makes its charm and quality? In the rest of this article, we invite you to discover all the best studio apartment design ideas. What are the best studio design ideas that will make your small apartment look like an authentic palace? We invite you to discover what are the best tips for separating spaces and many other studio design ideas for your lighting, colors and many other tips.

What Are the Rules to Respect and the Best Ideas for Small Spaces Studio Design?

Before we can take a closer look at small studio design ideas and decoration, we offer several tips to ensure the layout of your studio. First of all, one of the best studio interior design ideas consist of thinking about structuring the spaces in the best way possible. Indeed, optimization is the key to succeed with your space design. Opt for functional and clever furniture so that you can store all your stuff. In addition, focus on brightness. Mirrors, light colors, numerous sources of light, are all tips that will open your apartment. You can also delimit the spaces with screens or skylights or opt for a mezzanine. Finally, to continue on small studios design ideas, be creative and decorate your studio to your taste with decorative objects, paintings. These tips are more general small studio design ideas. To go more in depth, we have made you a selection of three important elements of studio design ideas.

studio layout design ideas

Furnish a Studio and Separate the Spaces

Once you have defined your way of living and your habits, you determine precisely the surfaces that you will allocate to each of these functional areas and the necessary furniture that you wish to place. Then, you can arrange in a functional and aesthetic way by harmonizing the dimensions of the furniture with the room. Organizing the space well means saving square meters. The best studio room design ideas are to opt for 2 in 1 furniture, such as a convertible sofa, a bed or a folding desk, as well as a bunk bed. You can also place the bed with storage drawers in a corner of the living room with plenty of cushions to turn it into a sofa. You can choose storage boxes that will act as pedestals or stools, a coffee table with storage boxes and we will avoid coat racks on legs that take up space. If you use a rectangular dining table, place a bench against the wall and seats (of the same color) on the other side and think about folding furniture when entertaining (folding chairs in particular to be put away after use). You can choose low, horizontal, closed furniture with wheels to modulate the space, and especially a color very close to that of the wall, tone on tone.

To go deeper on studio ideas design, you can also choose closed multimedia furniture, which will serve as a desk and storage. Finally, if the height under the ceiling allows it, we can put in place a mezzanine. To separate the spaces, you can use a bookcase, Japanese panels, curtains made of threads or beads, a screen, a rectangular tray containing aligned bamboo rods, sliding doors. Our other studio apt design ideas concern the room. For exemple, at night, you can visually create zones with the help of lighting made of cones of light of different colors. Note that the sleeping area is very important because it is the place where you regenerate. The quality of the furniture should not be neglected. The artificial lighting must be restful and welcoming in the evening. Storage and comfort are the key words in this area.

How to Light a Studio?

studio room design ideas

To manage the best studio layout design ideas, the first important tip to know is that no area should be left in the dark. If the lack of natural light is convincing, it should be replaced by artificial lights, placed in the places that need it the most, by their orientation and their function. Lighting helps to create a good atmosphere: each room must be lit evenly and with uniform light. You can have a ceiling light to situate yourselves in the room and complementary lamps that will be functional and decorative. The adjustable lights allow to limit the number of lamps and to light where it is needed.

Wall lights, hanging lights and small decorative lamps can add real character to a room and are amazing for small studio interior design ideas. It's a way to add decorative elements without taking up storage space. There are many original, elegant, bohemian or designer lights that don't take up much space and are enough to decorate. In particular, there are string lights, table lights and bedside lamps, which can be placed everywhere to create a subdued atmosphere. The play of light can also bring a little something to a room and immediately dress the various pieces of furniture.

What Colors in a Studio?

design studio ideas

Color is one of the most effective tools and an important part of design studio ideas. To choose the color of the walls, we will start from the furniture to create a harmonious association. In general, warm colors tend to bring the walls together visually. The opposite happens with elements painted in cold colors: they seem to move away. A dark floor with light-colored walls and ceiling will make the room appear larger. In a studio, it is important to favor light tones, neutral, natural and soft colors such as pastel blue, powder pink, beige, white or pale green. The more intense the colors, the smaller the room will seem. Strong colors shrink the space: it is not a good studio room design ideas in which, on the contrary, we seek to "push the walls". It is best to avoid flashy orange, bright red, baby yellow or electric blue.

small studio interior design ideas

The mixture of many colors creates confusion and communicates a feeling of disorder. We always think of the rules of aesthetics with the color wheel: the harmony and balance of colors in the room, the proportions of colors, the rhythm, the accent. For unique studio room design ideas, it’s important choose his curtains with fabrics and patterns that matchs the coating of the walls, furniture and carpet. You can think about the orientation of the rooms to choose its color codes.

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