Stop Doing This! Anti-trends in Home Design 2020


Some trends and flows in design turn into classic and keep on being in trend through the times. But some of them are good only for a certain period of time. Some of the methods were, the other way around, too good and were used too much and finally made everybody bored…

Anyhow, let’s talk about the things that make your place looking old fashion and not fancy at all.

Colorful Kitchen Furniture

That trend is to stay in the past, in the 90-s, when it was extremely popular. Nowadays to create a really fancy kitchen space, use monochrome combinations. The most popular colors are black, grey, deep emerald, dark-blue, natural wood. Also good to use are nude and beige.

Multilevel Drywall Selling

Much better to make a straight traction one – it looks nobler and will be always intended. If the plain white looks too boring for you, chose the hints of beige, yellow, mint, and grey – it will help to create an atmosphere in the place.

Polyurethane Foam Details

They will always look cheap doesn’t matter how expensive they are. You can always say that this is not the real gypsum one.

Massive Classical Details

Classical types of design are only good for big environments with good proportions and proper lighting. It is absolutely unacceptable for small apartments – it is much better to choose Minimalism, Scandinavian or High-tech for the city flats.

Small Colorful Tail for the Kitchen Board

Much better to use big tails or glass panels. Laminate is also a good idea – it is very popular to use the same material for the floor and walls.

Furniture from the Same Collection

The interior must be eclectic. The elements must be combined with material, texture, color, or style, but still, be different.

And of course, it is necessary to remember, that all the trends have a habitude to pass away, and it is impossible to ketch them all. So nobody canceled the golden rule of home design – whatever makes you feel good in your living space is in trend!

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