Steampunk Decor 101

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Steampunk home decor is an interesting way to revive your space and give it a unique flare. It is also a beautiful reason to reinvent the old and make it feel anew. This uncommon and elusive homestyle is slowly gaining popularity, so you could be one of the first trendsetters to bring it to life!

What is Considered Steampunk?

Steampunk originally emerged in the 1970s with a style that combined both retro and futuristic aesthetics. This both cool and edgy vibe started as a sci-fi subculture and now derives inspiration from industrial machinery. The aim of steampunk is to give off a contemporary feel without abandoning victorian elements of design.

What is Steampunk Design?

Steampunk interior design often combines gothic and victorian elements, to curate a space that feels both dark and radiant all at once. It is considered by interior design experts to be from the Gothic-Victorian decorative category. It is full of character and allows you to tell a story through color, shape, upcycled materials, and staple steampunk pieces. Interior designers use this innovative approach to showcase textures and pieces that feel rustic, functional, and beautifully combined.

What is Steampunk Decor?

old earth globes

Steampunk home decor is as if elegance and machinery had a baby. These two worlds seem quite contradictory, but when put together in a steampunk style house create unpredictable balance. Decor using this approach should feel eclectic as well as mechanical. When aiming to accomplish this steampunk home, designers often incorporate items with industrial tones like rusty metallics, unfinished wood, concrete, and leather. These materials are essential in order to create a mood that supports this underground, edgy feel.

An amazing benefit to this homestyle is that you can bring to its items that are well worn like rusty metal, exposed brick, used leather, concrete, or live edge wood that are more sustainable and unique. This is a homestyle with so much room for creativity and works best when using vintage or refurbished items. Newer isn’t always better!

Steampunk Home Decorating Ideas

This homestyle has so much room for your own input, creativity, and inventiveness. We know you’ll have a blast playing around with the endless possibilities of steampunk house decor and while hunting down your own cool vintage or refurbished pieces and materials.

Below are a few steampunk decor ideas for every room in your space, whether it be a house, condo, or apartment. Using these tips, you can gain some inspiration and bring this vibe everywhere in your home effortlessly!

Colors and Textures That Work Well

  • metallics
  • dark wood
  • black
  • grey
  • cream
  • browns
  • deep red
  • sepia
  • dark green
  • dark navy blue

Living room

light buld

In a steampunk house interior, a living room is one of the best places to showcase this vibe. It is the center of your home and should serve as the motif for the rest of your spaces.

To start, a staple leather or faux leather couch is a great jumping-off point. A sleek couch in black or deep brown will set the tone for the rest of your steampunk decorations. Pair it with a funky faux fur throw and a live edge wood coffee table. Complete the table with a signature steampunk spread using metallic bowls and vases in cool shapes or a darker toned stack of books.

Add other surrounding furniture with a gothic yet industrial resemblance. For light, consider a fireplace with a rough finish, light fixtures that feature only the wire and exposed bulb, or a rusty colored metal floor lamp. We also recommend adding metallic tone bookcases and steel geometric shelving. If exposed concrete or brick is an option, go for it! If not, Painting your walls are dark grey will provide a similar feel. Where you can, add smaller metal trinkets and gadgets to keep the futuristic theme alive. Your living space is going to modernize the victorian era beautifully!


steampunk interior kitchen

Steampunk interior doesn’t have to stop at the kitchen. These steampunk decor ideas will give you the sleek and rustic kitchen you’ve always dreamed of. Your kitchen serves as a playground for this design strategy on its own given all of the preexisting metal appliances.

A beautiful way to start is with stainless steel cabinets. They have a remarkable look that is also versatile. Stainless steel cabinets can easily be made to look futuristic, industrial, or vintage. They are also durable and provide great visual contrast in the space. Vinyl decals can add a pop of fun to your kitchen cabinets. It’s simple to locate any kind of decal you desire online. Just order it, wait until it arrives, then stick it on!

Also, opt for a very plain industrial style square sink. The simpler the better. These metal appliances and cabinets will pair lovely with wooden kitchen accents like cutting boards, large spoons, jars with wooden lids, or a grand live edge wood table. For seating go with refurbished wooden chairs or steel stools or benches for an industrial accent. For a fun accent, consider using old gears as coasters for drinks. With our advice, your kitchen is going to feel inventive, functional, and gorgeous!


Steampunk room decor is both fun and sophisticated. It allows you to personalize your space in a way that feels authentic to you. Creating energy that feels calming and cozy is so important in a bedroom and this means finding a balance of comfortable and fashionable pieces. These steampunk room decor ideas will make your bedroom both feel like home and a work of art.

Let’s start with the star of any bedroom: the bed! The grander the better. Go for a big bed and frame it with a large headboard made from refurbished wood or metal. Choose darker colors like grey for your bedding and cover your bed in a variety of pillows and blankets in keeping with the steampunk palette listed above.

Consider hanging an old-school world map on your wall and if you can add it above a desk it will complete the aesthetic. You can also top that by adding an antique terrestrial globe to your desk. The older the better for both of these maps that will serve both functionality and style in your space. It will bring your space to a different time period and is a decor item that also stays functional.

For clothing storage, consider installing a floating, exposed pipe clothing rack. Curate the clothing placed on this rack to match the colors and textures of your space. Incandescent light bulbs and lamps with exposed mechanics will influence the theme. Feel free to add other pops of steampunk through gear trinkets, old books, antique typewriters, or vintage tophat. Don’t be afraid to go wild with cool mini inventions or DIY items too. These ideas are guaranteed to enhance your steampunk room design skills!


copper sink

Adding a few details to your bathroom will help carry your steampunk home design through every inch of the interior. Copper is a great metal to use in a steampunk bathroom. If you’re feeling adventurous go for exposed metallic piping all over. Also, carry this out to stripped-down copper faucets and a metal sink. Keep your lighting dim with old school lightbulbs and feature a mirror with a metal frame. This move will give your bathroom a mechanical and deconstructed feel. Just remember to keep it clean!

Shop or Get Inspired Here

Below are some great places steampunk home decorating ideas to start your journey! Great sites to purchase from or seek inspiration for your own DIY projects.


This is a great site to locate unique and custom steampunk pieces. Their selection is versatile and won’t look like anything you find at a typical department store. You will support smaller companies and dedicated individual craftsmen when you shop here too, which is always a plus!

Shop Local Vintage and Antique

 antique store options.

Research your city or town’s vintage or antique store options. Many of these places are filled with well-loved steampunk house decor. The hunt for unique pieces will be tons of fun and help you lower the cost of redecorating. Bring a friend and get thrifting!


This website is filled with tons of photos of steampunk homes and DIY steampunk home decor ideas to choose from. Search what you’re looking for and you’ll be met with tons of inspiration!

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