Prepare to Provide Appropriate and Statement Lighting for Dining Room

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Lighting can be an important factor in the design of any room. It can define an entire space or be the perfect accent that ties different elements together. When choosing to light, think not only about form and color but also scale. In most cases, a small statement light fixture in a large room ruins the design. Also, don't be afraid to mix metals and textures! Sconces, lamps, pendants, and chandeliers don't have to match each other. An intentional and thoughtful mix of metals can add depth and interest to your space. Take a look at our statement lighting ideas in the dining room that you can boldly use in your space, too!

Lucky for you, there are plenty of room options of statement lighting for the dining room, from concealed fixtures to floor lamps, pendants, and chandeliers. To help you brighten up any living space in your home, here are our favorite bright lighting ideas.

Choosing the Right Dining Room Lighting

statement light fixture

Expressive statement lighting fixtures are an interesting way to play up the style of your home. They're an unexpected way to add color, texture, and a bit of drama to a space. You can use them to add glitz and glamour, add a modern flair, or create a more rustic feel.

There are three factors to consider when choosing the perfect light fixture for your space.


Spectacular giant light fixtures are an interesting way to play up the style of your home. They're an unexpected way to add color, texture, and a bit of drama to a space. You can use them to add glitz and glamour, bring in a bit of modern style, or use them to create a more rustic atmosphere.


It's important to consider the space you'll be in the lighting. Knowing where the light will be directed will help determine the size of the fixture and the amount of light you will need. You also need to think about what additional table or floor statement lamps you can use, whether you need the option of dimmed light, how much natural light there is in the room and the size of the room. Remember that larger rooms require more light than smaller ones.

If the room has a lot of natural light, choosing a large woven light fixture that doesn't provide a lot of light may not be a problem. But if the room doesn't have a lot of natural light, you should take care of tiered lighting and choose overhead fixtures that give a lot of light.

For a large room, large statement chandeliers are great. They are warm, attractive and give a lot of light to the room. For smaller rooms, such as a bedroom, where you prefer more subdued lighting, wall light or a small effect piece would be great.


There's a practical purpose to everything in design, but that doesn't mean your fixtures need to be subtle or inconspicuous. Don't be afraid to choose a bold and showy dining room large sphere light fixture! Just make sure it blends in with the rest of the room's design.

Whether you're creating a dimly lit, moody space or a bright and energetic one, lighting is key to creating ambiance in a room. Light fixtures should provide enough light for you to see, but that doesn't mean they can't also be visually appealing. They can serve as a work of art in a room – the icing on top of the cake!

16 Statement Chandelier Options for your Home

statement ceiling light

Recessed Ceiling Statement Lighting

Flush-mount ceiling lights can be visually arresting. Three prestigious art deco-style light fixtures can be located here. The fixtures are made of enameled optical glass with bronze accents. These beautiful pieces illuminate and ennoble the space without overwhelming it. We also appreciate the clean shapes that make them timeless.

Suspended Balloon for Lighting

Use graphic wallpaper and a large hanging globe light. It easily turns the statement ceiling light into a focal point. Centering the repeating wallpaper pattern around the light fixture is the trick that makes everything look perfect.

Mid-Century Chandelier

In this mid-century modern design of statement lighting dining room, this chandelier is sure to add a retro twist. The gleaming chandelier is the only glamorous detail in the dining room. It perfectly sets off the clean lines of the wooden table and the simple curves of the leather.

Hollywood Regency-Style Lighting

Add some glitz with a luxurious statement chandelier dining room. In a Hollywood Regency-style dining room like this, a chandelier can be a luxurious detail that doesn't look too pompous or excessive. On the contrary, it adds another rich layer on top of the contrasting patterned chairs and metal partition.

Chandelier in Shabby Chic Style

A totally unadorned white shabby-chic chandelier would look good in a modern farmhouse style home. The antique reproduction has looped iron brackets and dangling carved tassels. It brings a pinch of classic style to this casual and cozy dining room.

Contrasting Lighting

Four huge statement pendant lighting adorn your white kitchen subtly and elegantly. The fixtures provide ample light to work areas while drawing the eye to the back of the space, giving it visual depth.

Metallic Accents in Lighting

Pay great attention to combining a neutral color scheme with bright accents. Gold statement pendant lights in the form of huge lanterns match the hardware on the cabinets. They also accentuate the gorgeous warm tones of the natural wood used throughout the kitchen.

Fancy Pendant Chandeliers

Make a natural accent with wicker basket pendant chandeliers. Weathered furniture combined with wicker chandeliers gives the dining room a bohemian feel.

Large Concrete Pendant Light for the Dining Room

Light fixtures made from unexpected materials truly personalize the space. The stone-like texture of the fixtures gives the traditional cooking space an organic beauty.

Unusual Branched Chandelier

Simplicity doesn't mean skimping on style. The metal branches and handmade glass spheres on the chandelier add a sophisticated touch that feels both simple and organic. It also accentuates the mid-century table and chairs, making the bright space warm and intimate without losing its modernist features.

Modern Dining Room

An understated elegance characterizes this minimalist cage-style chandelier in a modern dining room. The clean lines of the large chandelier complement the simplicity and beauty of the room.

Gold Ball Light Fixtures

Although they look great on their own, these exquisitely detailed ball-shaped oversize pendant light fixtures look even better in large quantities. You can hang them over your dining table for a romantic ambiance.

Candelabras and Candles

Fans of original ideas for sure such options for lighting in the dining room as chandeliers with candelabras and bulbs in the form of electric candles, suspended chandeliers-pedestals with wax candles or their decorative counterparts.

Choose your original dining room lighting option with candles.

Catchy Pendant Lights in the Dining Room

While eclectic rooms are transformed with colorful lamps, a ceiling light with colored wires and bulbs is a great addition for an industrial interior.

Homemade Lighting

Let your imagination run wild!

The material for a homemade hanging lamp can be almost any object, such as a wine bottle.

Textural Variety of Chandeliers

Every room needs an item that doesn't quite fit the overall style. Let a light fixture play that role in the dining room, bringing unexpected textures and shapes to a carefully crafted space. A metal light fixture, a festive branching chandelier, or a ceiling lamp with a soft and natural design would be a pleasant surprise.

A bold light fixture not only makes a room stand out spectacularly, but also helps you achieve exactly the ambiance you want in your dining room and make the design more cohesive. Think of it as the cherry on top of your design – an eye-catching pendant or chandelier can add completeness, intentionality and style to a room. And the best part? You don't have to use screaming colors to stand out. Just pay attention to interesting shapes, textures and materials, and you can easily find something you like. So feel free to use our lighting ideas from our selection of fixtures and choose your favorite option.

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