Standard Wheelchair Width for Doors

When we practice small everyday actions such as getting on a train, climbing stairs or simply crossing a sidewalk, these often seem to us to be easy and effortless actions. However, this is a chance and unfortunately not yet accessible to everyone. Indeed, for people in wheelchairs, these daily actions represent a real difficulty that can sometimes even become a source of anxiety. So in this article, we will show you how to make your home a place that can welcome and facilitate access to everyone. We will mainly focus the article on how to install wheelchair accessible door width.

For a long time, people with disabilities were excluded from society by being put in institutions. During the Enlightenment, philosophical thinkers were interested in people with disabilities as a means of seeing the normality in society, especially in the field of education. Little by little, new rules have been installed to give disabled people access to the same opportunities as everyone else.

The current construction of doors is often an element that neglects access for the disabled from the very entrance of buildings and rooms. In addition, when the dimensions are not up to adequate standards, it takes time and often complex organization for a person in a wheelchair to access the interior. She needs another person to step in and bring her in to then fold the chair so she can finally be inside of the room in question. This represents a real daily headache for the people concerned who sometimes give up going out.

Door Width for Wheelchair Accessibility

handicap accessible doors requirements

The standards for door width for wheelchair accessibility vary depending on the doors in the house. If you want to have precise information on how wide is a wheelchair accessible door, you can consult the proposed standards of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), which have standardized the necessary measures.

For elevator doors, the standard door width for wheelchair access must be at least 80 cm. It is a door size for a wheelchair which is applicable to bathroom doors. These standards are generally imposed for buildings that have commercial sales or rental purposes. It is necessary that the door is wide enough for all types of wheelchair to enter. If this is for a private sighting you can simply call on a qualified person who will be able to equip your house entirely in a way accessible for people in wheelchairs.

Handicap Accessible Doors Requirements

standard door width for wheelchair access

In addition to respecting the standard wheelchair width for doors, it is important to take into account other elements related to the door. The space around the door is as important as that around the door. Indeed, it is thanks to this space that the person in a wheelchair will be able to make the necessary maneuvers in order to enter the room.

For this, the standardized width of 80 cm must have a sufficiently long length. This will depend on whether this door is a pull-out door or if it pushes itself. With regard to the doors which pull, it is necessary to envisage a width of 80 cm on a length of 2.20 m. For doors that open by being pushed, this same width must be present over a length of 1.70 m.

The other handicap accessible door requirements concern handles and locks. Certain disabilities can affect the agility of the wrists or more generally the ability to perform complex movements. This is why it is not recommended to use round handles. In this article, we have given you several recommendations to facilitate access to disabled people in homes and thus their integration. For more information, we advise you to check with the institutions working for accessibility for the disabled in your country.

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