Stacey Bendet and Nicky Hilton Created Hand-Sewn Velvet Stockings for Bauble Stockings

Stacey Bendet and Nicky Hilton

The two designers, Stacey Bendet and Nicky Hilton have teamed up to present to the world their new Christmas invention, hand-sewn velvet stockings for Bauble Stockings.

Kate Stewart, the founder of Bauble Stockings, approves that each pair of socks is made by ladies' hands in Haiti due to her company partners with Good Threads Needlepoint, an organization that sponsors dysfunctional women's families and pays for the education and nutrition of their children. The price of one pair of stockings is $ 85. To date, the project is sold in 300 stores across the country.

The famous American fashion designer Stacy Bendet decided to expand her sphere of activity and opened the company Alice + Olivia. The first show created an extraordinary sensation - leading representatives of the fashion industry were seriously interested in the activities of the corporation.

Hand-Sewn Velvet Stockings for Bauble Stockings

Everything that appears in Stacie's head becomes a successful project. With such an approach to work, she built a real fashion empire in 2015 with a pair of pants in 2002. Bendet dreams of creating a global brand that inspires women to look and feel their best, and she dreams of her family as well.

Christmas stockings are a very important thing, they give us a sense of importance, significance, a feeling that we are loved. This happens at the moment the gift is found inside, all those involved agreed.

One more important aspect is that funding goes to support women in Haiti.

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