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flowers pink organizer calendar
flowers pink organizer calendar

Everyone needs beauty as well as water, places to play in and pray in, where Nature may heal and cheer and give strength to body and soul alike. That’s why a lot of people try to decorate their flats/homes with different plants, flowerpots, and bouquets of fragrant flowers. Especially flowers! Many women can’t imagine their favorite kitchen without pastel lilies or a bathroom without sticky roses. If you want excellent home decors, plants would be a great choice!

Psychological research is yielding that flowers evoke positive psychological responses, promote happiness, decrease social distance, enhance our living, and workspaces, and may play a role in improving our long-term memories.

What about Stabilized Flowers?

stabilized flowers interior

Have you ever heard about this way to make the beton walls around your family more colorful and friendly, eco-friendly?

Stabilized plants are basically natural plants, such as decorative moss and trees, flowers that need no maintenance. They also don’t need any special care like watering and feeding at all.

The method of stabilization is quite simple. Flowers, plants, and leaves are collected during the best moment of their life cycle while having their best aspect. Then, the juice of freshly plucked flowers changes into a substance with liquid glycerin. This unique technology saves it in original complexion over 2-3 years (trees for 10 years). Here are some advantages of having stabilized plants: they don’t need light, irrigation; they don’t grow; you have a chance of having outdoor plants indoors.

Below, the true fan of natural greenery can read some ways/advices how you can incorporate stabilized flowers in home décor:

  1. If you unsure start with several rose in a flask, test it in the home environment;
  2. Create the composition of a beautiful flower for coffee table, windowsill;
  3. Maybe you want to decorate your empty and boring walls? So it’s a good chance to make original wall art or design vertical gardens. Be creative, use your imagination!

You can buy professionally stabilized plants or create with your hands. There are a lot of variants.

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