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What could be better than coming home after a long exhausting day and discovering a room devoted only to your well-being? In this article, we are going to offer you several inspirations to transform your bathroom into your favorite spa. To do this, we offer you three spa bathroom decor ideas to decompress all your daily stress.

The Bathtub

Since Roman times, the bathtub was considered always a sign of wealth and prestige. The innovations of our technologies have made it possible to transform the bathtub into the best place to relax and take care of yourself. You will be able to find all kinds of bathtub designs that will suit your tastes.

For a more traditional spa bathroom design idea, the marble or polished stone bathtub has always appealed for its sober and graceful aesthetic. If you want to integrate more of a bohemian atmosphere, we recommend a clawfoot tub for its retro and artistic atmosphere. For a more Victorian decoration, you can also hang curtains from the ceilings which will transform your bathtub into an intimate and cozy place.

For a completely relaxing atmosphere, our last spa bath decorating ideas tip is to add a bedside table and place a few candles on it. All you have to do now is to light them on and enjoy a glass of your best red wine while relaxing in your hot bathtub. As a couple or alone, you will find that your bathroom is slowly going to become your favorite part of the house.

The Hammam

Our second bathroom idea spa is a heated steam bath very popular and valued in Middle Eastern countries; The hammam. In addition to being a place of relaxation, it is also a place of sharing and communion for the communities of Southern countries. It is also a sign of bodily and religious purification which is why hammams are usually found near or under mosques. The hammam is often done with tiling which preserves humidity inside the room.

For a warm atmosphere, we advise you to take inspiration from very colorful and decorative Moroccan tiles. A last bathroom spa idea is to incorporate subdued lights to relax you in these fabulous eucalyptus-scented vapors.


spa decor bathroom ideas

Our last spa bathroom decorating idea is inspired by the Nordic tradition: The Sauna. The sauna is a small spa bathroom idea normally made entirely of wood and heated by the heat emitted by the contact of cold water with hot stones.

Nowadays it is also possible to find saunas heated by red lights. Sauna is a type of bath that is very common in the mountains or in countries with, particularly cold winters. The tradition wants to alternate the intense heat of the sauna while jumping in the fresh snow. With its sober and elegant wooden construction, the sauna is the best spa decor bathroom ideas that transform your interior design while relaxing.

In this article, you have discovered three types of authentic baths for you to never want to leave your bathroom. In addition to a breathtaking decoration, you will also be able to feel the well-being it provides to your body and your mind. Indeed, spas have always been valued for their relaxing effects as well as recognized for reducing physical tensions due to daily stress.

In addition, the sauna has often been renowned for its ability to stimulate the heart system and keep your system in better health. Likewise, the hammam with its eucalyptus fragrance promotes healing in cases of rheumatism while helping to relax painful muscles. These baths are also known to benefit the skin by deeply cleansing the pores.

In this article, you have been able to discover how interior design can be representative of your personal interior. Indeed, the advice mentioned in the article above will allow you to have a bathroom perfectly combining design and well-being. Whether you prefer a traditional decor thanks to the bathtub, the warm atmosphere of the hammam, or the Nordic elegance of the sauna, your bathroom will be the image of the place of relaxation that you need.

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