Slightly Brutal and Insanely Eco-Friendly Southwestern Style in Interior Design

If you have ever been to the southern deserts, when cacti are blooming and observed nature in its variegated colors of red, green, and sunny yellow, then you have experienced the spirit of the Southwestern style. From all this, a beautiful style with southwestern decor is formed that is easy to create in your own home, regardless of its geographical location.

The Origins of Southwestern Style

The Origins of Southwestern Style

Southwest designs of the interior are a fusion of American and Spanish cultural traditions that are invariably associated with coziness and enduring ethnicity. This design is a direct heritage of Mexico and Spain, so it will be close to those hot natures, whose life is literally imbued with the spirit of freedom.

Tips for Creating Southwestern Style


Native Americans and Spaniards believe that colors can protect against evil spirits, so the brighter they are, the better for the dwellers. More seriously, the use of orange, yellow, red, green, and turquoise is reminiscent of the southwest colors created by Mother Earth. For example, turquoise and blue-green reflect the sky, while orange and yellow reflect the desert.

Much of the design inspiration will come from color. The natural southwest color scheme of terracotta, brown, and cream provides a nice backdrop against which flashes of reds, yellows, and greens flourish. The American Indians believe that azure (sky blue) is a powerful color that protects against any evil spirits, and therefore it is used in painting the outside of doors and windows. By hiring a designer, you can successfully combine the southwest color palette and texture of the walls. All shades in the southwest design used in the color scheme are found in nature: salmon, green foliage, shale blue, and lemon yellow.


Furniture Southwestern Style

The furniture of Southwest style homes is preferably simple, in a minimalist style. Therefore, southwest style furniture should be simple, no-frills, and made of natural materials. Preferably made from natural elements and fabrics such as cotton and linen.

Soft leather, unpolished wood, graceful carving, forged fittings, covers made of dense linen and cotton fabrics perfectly fit into the interior in the southwestern style. In addition to standard furniture, this style allows you to use large floor pillows in the interior and hang hammocks in the yard. The house should have an atmosphere of freedom and space. To make the room look larger, move the upholstered southwest decoration furniture closer to the center, and do not overload the functional areas with a lot of furniture like southwest style chairs.


Traditionally, these southwest design patterns of houses in the American Southwest were made from adobe. Therefore, now decorative plaster or matte paint is used for the walls, with which you can achieve the effect of whitewashed walls. One of the walls or a partition can be made of brick or stone.

Deliberately rough wall shelving niches are often used in the interior. There are also hand-painted walls and tiles, which add coziness to the house. In Indian culture, such frescoes with ritual or naturalistic subjects are often found. To create incredibly attractive southwestern home design ideas, you can completely paint one wall and leave the rest free.


Southwestern Style Floors

In contrast to floor carpets, in southwestern homes design hardwood is used for flooring. Another popular flooring option is clay or ceramic tiles, rich in natural colors.

So, the flooring can be of two types: solid wood board or parquet, as well as honey-colored ceramic tiles (you can also with a pattern).

Choose homespun rugs in vibrant (variegated) southwestern interior design colors. You can also give wood floors cobalt (blue) hue without fading out the wood grain. And remember, texture plays a huge role in the overall style of this type of finishing work.


The ceiling must be whitewashed by choosing white, creamy, or milky shades. It is usually decorated with wood-beamed southwestern pattern ceilings.


Southwestern Style Accessories

Bring the spirit of this culture into your new modern southwest decor with some simple accessories like ceramics, handcrafted textiles like rugs, rugs, and assorted cushions.

The main decorative elements of the interior in the Southwest style are handmade rugs in the style of the American Indian. In addition to wall paintings, you can decorate the wall with a painting, the plot of which is Indian life or the nature of the Southwest of America. Do not overload the interior with Indian motives.

A few southwest accents are enough in the room: forged elements on furniture or lamps, beautiful candlesticks, vases with dried flowers, patterned bedspreads and decorative pillows, indoor plants (giant cacti and dracaena), skins, and of course, ceramics. The original southwest paint schemes pottery is mostly made of terracotta, which has a yellowish-orange color. The indigenous people of the southwest believe that this color reflects the color of the sun. As a traditional art form, the process of making this pottery is really fun. From preparation, modeling, shaping, smoothing, firing to polishing, it's all great.

A Selection of Accessories for Decor Southwestern Style

We spent a lot of time looking for furniture and accessories for southwest decor ideas. Here are a few of our favorite things we've stumbled upon recently. Watch Southwest Home Decor

Southwest Rug

Southwest Rug

Caldera Hooked Southwest Area Rugs

An intriguing pattern can epitomize the harsh beauty of the Southwest, and this pure wool hand-crocheted rug can give your home the ambiance you want.

Stained Glass Table Lamp

Stained Glass Table Lamp

Austin Southwest Stained Glass Table Lamp

A bold color palette ignites a truly southwestern interior style upon the geometric design of the Austin Stained Glass Table Lamp. Finished in bronze, the openwork metal base features an interconnected tower design leading to a hand-cut and hand-soldered stained-glass shade.

The tapered square shade is a dark straw color embellished with a diamond-patterned frame in saddle brown, blue, aqua, red, and straw hues. This is a real find for your interior!

Canyon Reflections Wall Mirror

Canyon Reflections Wall Mirror

Canyon Reflections Diamond Shaped Rustic Wall Mirror

Canyon Reflections exudes rustic beauty born in the desert. The unique wall mirror with a central diamond-shaped glass mirror is crafted from hand-painted spruce boards in cream, white, blue, brown and black colors. The rustic southwestern decor like this wall mirror can be hung vertically or horizontally to match your southwest motif design perfectly.

Table Sculpture

Table Sculpture

Loving Horses Table Sculpture Tan

With gentle affection, these loving horses will always remain wild at heart. Made from resin, this tabletop sculpture features horse busts pressed together to form an intriguing heart shape.

Decorative Table Vase

Decorative Table Vase

Tribal Spirit Southwest Decorative Table Vase

Inspired by tribal culture, the Tribal Spirit Southwest Decorative Table Vase will call to mind the history and legends of great people. The resin vase is embellished with Southwest geometric designs in russet, teal, ivory, and blue. This is warm, earth-toned vase will look great anywhere in your home.

Southwest Set Bedding

Southwest Set Bedding

Sierra Vista Striped Southwest Mini Quilt Set Bedding

Add santa fe style decor flavor to your bedroom with southwest fabrics and design of bed linen Sierra Vista. The muted tones of beige, brown, black, dark chocolate, gray and warm turquoise take on the stunning landscape and looks great on your bed like one of the best southwestern bedroom decorating ideas.

Sun Wall Art

Sun Wall Art

Half Face Sun Indoor Outdoor Wall Art

Half Face Sun Wall Plaque Art for indoor and outdoor use will look fantastic inside or outside your home like diy southwestern decor, recalling the radiance and joy that a sunny day brings.

Bowl with Decorative Centerpiece

Bowl with Decorative Centerpiece

Onawa Southwest Style Decorative Centerpiece Bowl

A bowl with a decorative Onawa centerpiece will complete your decor in a bold southwestern style. This resin bowl, nestled within a variegated brown metal frame, is adorned with three-dimensional classic geometric motifs hand-painted in southwestern color scheme ivory, reddish-brown and blue.

Southwestern design is an accurate reflection of inspiration, which is rich not only but also in its culture. And that is the essence of Southwest Design. It is harmonious due to its southern roots, and this is clearly seen in the decorating styles of New Mexico, Arizona, and other Southwestern US states. We believe that now it is not at all necessary to go to Mexico, where so many houses are decorated in this style, to be filled with its indescribable inspiration.

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