Some Features of Industrial Decor

industrial style of design
industrial style of design

Huge space, high ceilings, large panoramic windows, brutality, brick walls, and the atmosphere of industrial buildings of the last century. No, we’re not going to tell you about the loft now. The industrial decor of the interior and its features is the subject of our today's article.

Loft and Industrial Style Home Decor

They are very similar at first sight. But the loft is rather a local manifestation of industrial style. In other words, a classic decoration in an industrial loft is a whole factory and warehouse that was not created for human habitation. Such a building with huge ceilings and brick walls (but without partitions) has changed its purpose.

People who were going to live in this industrial room were dealing with what they got. After a while, the residents began to notice the aesthetics of such industrial-chic decor. It is pretty difficult to confuse the real loft and anything else. It can be easily reproduced in office buildings, cafes, or restaurants.

An industrial style can be created artificially. It doesn’t require expensive and exclusive materials. It can be created with the help of industrial decor in any country house or apartment. And we are ready to tell you how to do it!

Industrial Home

 industrial furniture

The industrial style of interior is realized in the best way in living spaces with a large quadrature, for example, from 100 square meters. If you live in a smaller apartment or house, you can use the basic elements of industrial style homes such as large window structures, connected rooms without partitions, brick walls, and not disguised communications (wires and other elements of electricity, ventilation pipes of different sizes, ceiling beams). The living room and kitchen are the most appropriate rooms for the implementation of industrial aesthetics. Also, you can see a lot of industrial bedroom ideas on the Internet.

Industrial Color Palette

If you want to create an authentic industrial interior, you need to use the color palette that is characteristic of the factory premises. The main color is grey - the color of the metal. You can also use different shades of gray. But it doesn’t mean that everything will be monotonous. You can use beige, white, black, brown, blue, and dark green or khaki colors as an addition.

The presence of metal textures with rust elements would be an excellent addition. An important nuance is a matte shade of metal but not glossy.

If you can't choose between Scandinavian or Loft style, you can perfectly combine the rustic atmosphere with the urban mood in industrial country decor.

Perhaps, you have already imagined a sad gray or black space with a depressive impact? But this is only the basis of an industrial interior. Accented walls, modern and bright furniture in tandem with industrial decor ideas will help to lighten the atmosphere.

Modern Industrial Living Room

industrial living room ideas

To create a complete picture of the industrial room, we will show you an example of the living room. We will start with finishing materials:

  • Walls. You may convey the ambiance of industrial production with such materials as concrete (especially with the presence of various cracks and irregularities) and bricks. But mostly everything is pretty simple - you can use conventional plaster or brickwork imitation with the help of brick wallpaper.
  • The floor should be as simple and durable as possible. You can pour it with concrete, lay ceramic tiles, or gray linoleum. If the living room will have elements of the Scandinavian interior, the floor of natural wood will be an ideal solution.
  • The ceiling as well as the floor should not stand out against the general background. Use ordinary whitewash. If you want something more original and unusual, then you can consider the option of stretch ceilings or drywall structures. As we wrote above, the best decoration is wires, beams, and ventilation pipes.

Industrial Living Room Furniture

 industrial kitchen decor

Classic and classic once again. Also, you can choose couches, armchairs, and poufs with a modern design. The main things are brevity and simplicity.

Avoid upholstery materials of too bright colors. Also, ruffles, different patterns, sequins, lace will look ridiculous. You should give priority to the correct form of furniture without round edges and elements. If you have a living space of 100 square meters, you can easily choose a piece of beautiful and massive furniture. Forged tables and massive leather sofas look quite spectacular.

The furniture arrangements should be in the form of islands, and opposite to each other. This position in space will complement the strict interior style with a cozy atmosphere.

If you still have old items, this is a great chance to give them a new life and turn them into an original decorative object. For example, these may be old stairs - they can be converted into shelves, metal lockers can be used as a work surface. There are no limits to your ideas.

Industrial Style Decorating Ideas

Décor is the most pleasant part of an industrial style. There are a lot of possibilities: it can be huge mirrors, antique lamps for lighting. Lanterns,Edison’s bulbswill complement the industrial decor perfectly (you can read more about this type of lighting in our article).

Furthermore, there are various accent walls, graffiti, black and white photos, canvases, big boards, and even road signs at your disposal.

All antique objects that are imbued with the spirit of the last century can complement the industrial décor of any room.

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