Modern Scandinavian Furniture from the Best Companies That Can Enrich Your Home

Modern Scandinavian Furniture

The Scandinavian design focuses on simplicity and functionality without compromising beauty. In contrast to the mid-century contemporary design to which it is often compared, Scandinavian home decor designers highlight light, airy spaces. Nature is always a key part of Scandinavian design, with elements such as wood floors and plants.

Where to buy Scandinavian furniture? Or how many Scandinavian furniture brands do you know? Below we introduce you to the best companies and introduce you to the most famous designers of Scandinavian furniture.

Briefly about Scandinavian Design

Ferm Living

A sincere passion for design, craftsmanship, and aesthetics was a major element in the foundation of the company. Ferm LIVING is always challenging, creating collections from furniture pieces to lighting. They create contemporary designs with notes of mid-century charm in keeping with the heritage of Scandinavian design.

Founder Trine Andersen is trained as a graphic designer, which is evident in the rich color palette, graphic patterns, and avant-garde shapes of some of the collections. They are also trying to become more eco-friendly, such as their Way series, made from recycled plastic bottles.

Although they also create beautiful Nordic style furniture, it seems to us that their strongest point is their Danish home accessories.

Be sure to check out their beautiful range of furniture.

Josef Frank

Josef Frank

Josef Frank's designs are considered the quintessential Scandinavian style, although he was actually born in Austria. Later, however, he still accepted Swedish citizenship and created colorful and dynamic designs that are still produced today. Although he wasn't a star like Le Corbusier or Mies van der Rohe, Franck delighted with his furniture, lighting, and textiles. Frank believed that the looser the pattern, the better. With all the mottled colors, fruits, birds, mountains, and waterways in surreal color combinations. He boldly mixes old styles with new ones. Also, note that what you like combines on its own.

Get to know Josef Frank’s Denmark furniture brands with colorful botanical prints, and you'll start noticing them everywhere.


A Danish design company with roots deep in Scandinavian design and traditions of good craftsmanship.

Skagerak, founded in the late 1970s, is one of Danish furniture brands specializing in high-quality furniture and accessories for the home and outdoors. The company strives to produce sustainable and ethical products that stand the test of time through their craftsmanship, functionality, and aesthetic qualities. Both established designers and new talent work on the design.

Iris Hantverk

Iris Hantverk

Iris Hantverk is Swedish craftsmanship at its best. The Swedish company is well known for its range of beautiful, high-quality brushes made from natural materials. To this day, the brushes are hand-knitted using traditional techniques by visually impaired craftsmen.

The history of the company dates back to the end of the 19th century, when visually impaired people started making brushes in Stockholm and the De Blindas Förening organization was founded. Since August 2012, Iris Hantverk has been run by long-time employees Richard Sparrenhock and Sarah Edhell.

You can get acquainted not only with high-quality brushes but also with household items for kitchens and bathrooms.


String — the company creates and produces high quality nordic home furniture with a Scandinavian design. The timeless expression of design is just as important here as functionality.The company has a good reputation on the market and boldly states that it is impossible to find desks that are as beautiful and functional at the same time.

By Lassen

By Lassen is one of Swedish furniture brands focused on iconic projects created by Mogens and Flemming Lassen, founded by Lassen relatives in 2008. The brothers Mogens (1901-1987) and Flemming (1902-1984) Lassen are known as two of Denmark's greatest architects and designers. Both were recognized as pioneers of Danish functionalism and modernist architecture, receiving numerous prestigious medals and awards. Headed by Mogens Lassen's grandson Søren Lassen, By Lassen continues the brothers' design philosophy today. They produce their iconic designs as well as products from other designers that complement Lassen's functionalist style. The company's mission is to continue the tradition of timelessness, functionality, and quality, and to introduce new generations to the Lassen design legacy.

After all, good design lives on in new generations.

Saana Ja Olli

Nothing is more whimsical than this design couple, locally producing textiles from 100% hemp with collection names like Mielenmaisemia (Mindscapes), which celebrates the beauty of imagination, and Unien talo (House of Dreaming), which draws inspiration from the couple's 104-year-old log home renovation project.

Saana ja Olli is a well-known design couple and design company from Turku, Finland. They have produced annual collections, designed for dozens of international clients and participated in various design projects on different continents.

Saana Ja Olli one of the few Norwegian furniture brands values are built around correctness, timelessness and the human touch. Sustainability and durability are cornerstones of Saana Ja Olli's work and lifestyle. For example, each Saana ja Olli rug is made from sustainable recycled cotton and has an elegant and simple graphic look that took its inspiration from architectural drawings, among other Scandinavian home goods.

Broste Copenhagen

Broste Copenhagen is one of Denmark's most famous manufacturers of modern affordable Scandinavian furniture, lamps and tableware in Scandinavian style.

Every year Broste Copenhagen launches two collections that include everything from tableware to textiles, from lanterns to decorative items.

The company presents minimal Scandinavian design, authentic craftsmanship and high-quality products. In the new collections, you'll find many items inspired by the Danish landscape and the Scandinavian way of life.

Get a few pieces from this collection and your home can surely become much more comfortable.


&Tradition Formerly known as Unique Copenhagen is a Danish company synonymous with Scandinavian heritage in contemporary design. By changing its name, the company aims to emphasize its way of combining rugged craftsmanship with modern design, and Scandinavian tradition with high quality. &Tradition works with both emerging and established designers, and is known for producing some of Werner Panton and Arne Jacobsen's most celebrated designs.

Craft meets art here. Function meets form. The material meets its potential. This is the tradition of Scandinavian furniture brands and their heritage. &Tradition seeks to fuse values with contemporary design, rebuilding, redefining, and reinventing materials, techniques and forms. The company uses and combines new materials, discovers new techniques, and breaks production boundaries.


Presenting modern, cutting-edge designs, GUBI is the perfect source of exquisite design that only Scandinavians can create.

Gubi Olsen and his wife Lisbeth Olsen founded Gubi in 1967. From the beginning, the company has been designing and developing products.

Gubi is now focused on creating a classic collection in design. The collection spans a wide geographic region and time frame, but the focus is always on the same core values, so a consistent theme runs through the entire collection. Gubi classics include designs by Barba Corsini, Greta Magnusson Grossman, and Mathieu Mattego.


HAY is a Danish design company founded in 2002 and is defined by innovation, bold design, and high-quality industrial production. Easily accessible to a wide audience, HAY furniture, lighting, and furnishings have become iconic examples of modern Scandinavian couches design.

HAY set out to modernize the great Danish design of the 50s and 60s. With its streamlined Scandinavian lifestyle furniture and minimally fresh accessories, we'd say they succeeded.

101 Copenhagen

101 COPENHAGEN is a Danish design brand founded in 2017 with a strong vision to create a world of beautiful modern Scandinavian furniture, lighting, and accessories of exquisite craftsmanship, quality, and timeless design for Scandinavian living.

The company has created its own collection of fixtures and accessories that feature exquisite craftsmanship, quality, timelessness and a Scandinavian aesthetic.


This sophisticated design brand MENU, based in Copenhagen, sells furniture from Scandinavia like gorgeous upholstered sofas to highly functional Scandinavian housewares.


The Scandinavian furniture store Muuto has a beautiful line of light fixtures, as well as fun little things and home textiles. In the U.S.A. the best place to order Muuto is from online stores like the Danish design store Copenhagen and Design Public.

Kristina Dam

Kristina Dam Studio was founded by the Danish graphic designer and architect Kristina Dam in 2012. Their aesthetic — sculptural and Nordic minimalism — is characterized by clean lines, a monochromatic color palette, and beautiful materials. They use only natural materials. It's easy to spot architectural and sculptural influences in their collections; the pieces have a strong character and the attention to detail is exceptional.


This Danish brand considers ethical production and sustainability as important as beautiful design. Mater uses eco-friendly and ethical materials and lots of waste and scrap and works with local artisans to produce timeless furniture.

Bjørn Wiinblad

The designs of Bjørn Wiinblad are very quirky and happy. The Danish artist's motifs can be found on all sorts of household items, such as ceramics, bedding, and seasonal Danish home decor.

Svensk Tenn

This is an amazing high-end design house. If you're a fan of fiber art, you'll definitely love Svenskt Tenn textiles, especially the quirky patterned fabrics.

Normann Copenhagen

Danish design company Normann Copenhagen is like an upscale IKEA, with everything from furniture to functional pieces to finishing touches you can buy for your home. Even though the company is based in Copenhagen, its products are fairly easy to buy at contemporary stores of Danish design furniture in the USA, such as Design Within Reach, or at popular online Scandinavian design stores, such as the Danish Design Store, that specialize in modern Scandinavian home furniture.

Royal Copenhagen

Royal Copenhagen

Royal Copenhagen was founded in 1775 under Queen Juliana Maria of Denmark as the country's royal porcelain factory. The timeless ceramics are decorated with simple, classic blue floral motifs that really can be used on any table.

Scandinavian countries are having a big influence on world design these days. If you are attracted to Nordic values and designs or if you want to join this trend, feel free to incorporate it into your interior.

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