Retro Spirit: Edison's bulbs in the interior

cool white Edison bulb

The Edison bulb is one of the most impressive trends in the world of lighting. These retro bulbs attract with their vintage look and pleasant, natural light.

In addition, there are special kinds of Edison bulbs today. They combine vintage charm with modern LED technology. Instead of a filament of incandescent light, it uses a thin light-emitting diode, as a result, they consume 10 times less electricity than usual bulbs and look as chic as the original models.

You will read about the key features of interior lighting with Edison retro bulbs in this article. And maybe you would like to try lighting one of the rooms with such a bulb.

Features and characteristics of Edison's bulb

These bulbs are manufactured for the standard power supply and can be used easily in any apartment. They usually have a very warm color temperature of 2,200 Kelvin. This warm, amber color creates a romantic and antique atmosphere in the interior. However, being not too bright, Edison bulbs are more commonly used as a decorative element.

A design solution. If you want to use them for basic lighting, you can hang a few of these lamps together so that they provide enough light. They look stunning and are often used in ordinary homes as well as in bars, restaurants, shops, and hotels.

The light bulbs on the cords look stylish and very practical. Such light sources are absolutely mobile. And that means that you don't need to hole up walls and move to wire every time you want to move furniture. All you need to do is move the cords, and an updated interior light design is ready.

Another interesting feature of Edison bulbs is that they have a higher color rendering index. This means that the glow of these bulbs doesn’t distort the color of the objects around you.

It should be noted that these aren’t the bulbs that we remember from childhood. Modern manufacturers offer a wide range of decorative lamps with multi-layered and even shaped spirals which are characterized by a soft glow (not irritating to the eyes).

How to choose and install a retro bulb?

The bulbs can be manufactured in different sizes and shapes. They can be installed in any luminaire instead of conventional lamps or suspended on a cord without any coating or lampshade.

Led Edison bulbs are available in distinctive forms:

  • spherical;
  • elongated;
  • classic.

Edison led light bulbs to look better in a pub or kitchen in the right design: copper elements, brick walls, and heavy chairs are nothing more than a steampunk or loft style. Incandescent lamps will be a brilliant addition to these designs.


If you are a fan of modern, retro, or industrial style, you would definitely prefer not to cover them with a plafond or lampshade. In addition, the absence of lampshades ensures maximum light output, which is also important for Scandinavian interiors.

A few bulbs

Combining several Edison lamps into one luminaire would emphasize the warmth of the glow and with the help of long cords will be the central decoration of any interior.


old fashioned lights

Edison's vintage bulb style inspires masters to create creative lighting fixtures and chandeliers with their own hands. Models that are made of rough wood, forged metal fittings, and industrial-style details have a special charm. They create an incredible atmosphere of warmth and coziness and bring uniqueness to any room design.

An interesting antique led light bulb gives a new vision to the old interior. It fits perfectly with minimalistic decoration, retro-atmosphere, or wooden cottage in the countryside. It will also look great in a modern designer apartment. We can use energy-saving lamps much more efficiently than before, thanks to modern technology. And enjoy the style and elegance of the past at the same time.

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