Repair Planning: Should You Save The Money or Not?

how to save money on repair

Summer is not only vacation time it's also repaired time. Many people want to renovate their homes or make a partial renovation (at least in part of the apartment) even if there is no extra money.

We are always glad to cut the costs while planning to repair the apartment. But saving money might not always be appropriate in this situation. We are ready to tell you about the cases when you can and can't save the money for repairs.

Stick to the whole house renovation checklist

Make a work plan for your apartment or room and stick to it. Calculate the renovation budget template, add 25% to the amount received - this will be the primary total of your expenses.

Of course, you might get new ideas during the renovation process. Generally (practice shows) that a quick repair in the bathroom entailed a corridor, corridor - the hall, etc. After all, knowingly say that “the repair can’t be finished, it can only be paused!”

If you plan to repair more than one room, begin the process from the furthest and finish in the hallway. This way you won't stain the renovated rooms and save time and effort on cleaning.

What you shouldn’t save money on?

renovation planner

Don’t save on the time

In popular programs (about repair) specialists and designers handle the task in two or three days. When it concerns the overhaul of the entire apartment don’t be guided by this period. The preparation, purchase of materials, and work takes at least one or two months, and even more. Mostly it depends on the size of the area and difficulty of the project. Your rush can lead to extra costs and a worse result.

Don’t save on the designer (home renovation planner)

If you are planning a large-scale repair for the first time and you are not strong in design work, you should necessarily use the help of an experienced designer.

He will help to understand design trends and anti-trends, visualize your wishes, and make a competent cost plan. You don’t have to save money on it, but it is not necessary to be guided by the names of the top 10 best designers. Perhaps someone from your surrounding has already had the experience of working with a designer and can suggest a good specialist at a reasonable price.

Don’t save on the staff

The most economical option – do it by yourself. But if you don’t have the time or experience in this sphere, you should hire a responsible team from a solid company. Read carefully its recommendations and documentation. You may encounter absolute incompetence and dishonesty in search of a cheap workforce. No one is safe from such a case.

Don’t save on engineering systems

Cheap engineering equipment won’t prove itself immediately. It usually happens at the most inopportune moment. Therefore, you need to save money on electricity, gas, sewerage, water, heating, and ventilation systems with extreme care. Experts call upon everybody not to be meager and entrust engineering work to professionals. Your safety, comfort depends on the quality and reliability of all systems. Determine the location of sockets even at the planning stage of repair. One inconvenient socket can ruin the whole picture.

Don’t save on windows and doors

High-quality windows and doors provide heat and sound insulation of the house. Choose еру materials according to your preferences and budget (don’t chase for discounts - remodeling will cost more). Especially for those whose windows face the highway. The best option is a reliable triple glazing with flow ventilation. Don’t save money on fittings (quality hinges and handles will pay off more than enough).

Don’t save on the plumbing

home remodeling project plan template

Buying sanitary ware we make a long-term investment and there can be no savings. Choose reliable and proven manufacturers. Always check carefully all the documents and composition of sanitary ware in the box. Each type of bath material has its pros and cons. The most budget option - steel bath. You can eliminate its main disadvantages by making its own lining with heat and sound insulation materials. Old cast-iron baths are more economical; you can update it with acrylic paint.

Don’t save on the furniture

You can save on the quantity of furniture but not on its quality. Cheap models often have toxic substances that fill the whole house and can affect health. Choose the furniture made of chipboard or natural wood. It will not flake or crumble.

Inexpensive but practical furniture will be suitable for the child room: children grow up quickly and you will have to change the environment periodically in their room. Do not order expensive designer creations better to wait until the family budget will be added.

What can you buy cheap?

Finishing materials

Don’t pay more for promoted brands with a limited budget. Sometimes the products of not very well-known manufacturers can be no less qualitative than similar materials of the popular brand. You should combine expensive products with a budget very carefully. For example, cheap plaster can ruin even the most expensive paint.


Specialized, high-quality tools make work easier and cheaper largely. It is important to understand their varieties and purpose. For example, an electric screwdriver will help to assemble furniture but it risks burning out when installing drywall, so you need a more powerful screwdriver. If you don’t plan to use tools often it is more economical to rent them.

Finishing the floor and ceiling

The floor covering

It should look dignified. Experts call linoleum optimal in quality and price among floor coverings. Most often it doesn’t require any floor preparation but it isn’t suitable for a bathroom. Here it is better to splurge on a proven tile or filler floor. Laminate and parquet flooring look respectable and aesthetically pleasing but the floor underneath them should be smooth which also will make you spend money.


The ceilings can be whitewashed or painted more economically, but they must be smooth without any communications or wires passing through them. If this condition is not met, then choose stretch ceilings, suspended ceilings, or plasterboard ceilings. However, the stretch ceilings are more waterproof and can protect you from serious flooding.

And finally, if you can rip off old wallpaper, remove skirting boards, knockdown tiles, remove the doors, clean the ceiling - do it yourself. Savings in the cost of work will be significant. And under no circumstances don’t pay the workers in advance otherwise your repair will never end.

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