Reform and the Architect Jean Nouvel Present a Funny but Functional New Kitchen

Jean Nouvel Reveal

The brand from Copenhagen, Reform, has recently partnered with the architect from Paris Jean Nouvel. And their collaboration features a new kitchen design with steel surfaces. The new kitchen created by Reform combines minimalist Danish designs with Nouvel’s bold ideas. The pieces are crafted from steel, and kitchen fronts, available in black and metallic colors can capture light.

Jean Nouvel is known for his ability to use minimalistic, playful, and artistic techniques. The architect creates the form and materiality with light and different colors reflections, and the stainless steel looks really elegant. The space also features intricate details that were added in a long creative process, delayed by the pandemic situation.

As a result, we get a bright modern and minimalistic kitchen that creates a perfect atmosphere of workable space. When you are in such an expressionistic place, it inspires you to live a beautiful and carefree life.

bright modern and minimalistic kitchen

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