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Rattan furniture can be truly called the classical element of design. While looking very traditional, natural, and elegant, it nevertheless is used to be mostly the furniture for the gardens and patio or summer terrace of the restaurants. Recently it has come back to the rank of must-have features of the trendy interior, being used more inside of the house now.

It is made of rattan liana, which is very long, hardy, and smooth. This material is extremely resistant to temperature, humidity, and pressure changes. Besides it easily changes the shape influenced by the steam. This ability allows creating different shapes of the furniture.

The omnipresent popularity of eco-style and tendency to be closer to the nature makes this type of furnishing reclaimed by designers.

Rattan crafts are very light and easy to clean - these factors are extremely important nowadays, in the time of flexibility and high speed.

Few Principles of Using Rattan Furnishing in Your Interior

trendy rattan furniture

Be Close to Nature

The most pertinent look it has in the interior of naturalistic type - eco, Mediterranean, province. The durability, natural origin, and environment-friendliness make this furniture being in line with the trend of sustainability.

Combine the Textures

Rattan looks amazing in combination with different materials: leather, textile, wood, glass, and even metal. Complement the rattan arm-chair with the pillows and sofa - with a plaid, use the metal base for a braided table - give the freedom to your imagination!

Add the color

rattan table with chairs
  • Brown rattan would perfectly match the classical interior of the living room or the study. Brown color in the interior gives the feeling of safety and coziness, creating an association with home and a safe place.
  • White furniture helps to create a weightless and light interior. Besides the abundance of white color make the room looking bigger, vanishing the bounds of the objects. White is a color, that can be easily combined with any other one.
  • Grey. This is the color of psychologically mature people, looks very noble and elegant, easily matches other colors.
  • Multicolor. Colored rattan furnishing looks very trendy and stylish and can be used in the interiors for young people.

This material can be also used for different accessories and details: lampshades, baskets, vases, flowerpots, pot holders.

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