Rain Catcher Building, Designed by Tactus Design Workshop, Is 3D Printed

Rain Catcher Building 3D Printed

Tactus Design Workshop created a conceptual design of a house, called Rain Catcher. With the help of 3D printing, the building process was reimagined towards sustainably. The house features a 3D-printed shell of raw earth covered with cork and other natural substances. The building strives to be efficient and adaptable for residents' future needs, as well as serve as a model for sustainable production. The house is characterized by vertical 3D-printed construction, along with grand windows.

Tactus Design Rain Catcher

This idea was created for the climate of the United Kingdom in order to prove how a home could be constructed, heated, cooled, and at the same time have access to water. And by utilizing mostly regional materials, the structure will naturally have a lower carbon footprint than other common construction. 

The roof was designed to gather rainwater that will then be refined. According to the data of normal rainfall in the United Kingdom, the designers expect that the house would collect 95 l/p/day for six residents.

Rain Catcher is also meant to be flexible: the bathroom, kitchen, and other areas accommodate different uses. This adaptability is an important part of the project and aims to prevent material waste in the future.

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