Posters on the Wall – Super Trendy Detail in This Season

Posters on the wall

Modern design demands to create of individualistic environments. Space must reflect the personality of the one who lives there. That’s why minimalism slowly-slowly goes away. In the front line now we have the interior with a lot of details, which have to be talkative.

And posters on the walls are exactly what we need here. This is a pretty accessible way to decorate living space and mark the individuality of the owner. Posters became very popular as a part of pop-art in the middle of the last century and still keeps on being widespread because of their cheapness and variety of plots.

The Most Popular Kinds of Posters

Motivational and Inspirational Signs

These images are to create the right mood and statement of mind. It can be something like “the only way to guarantee failure is to never try” or “focus on the people who matter most”. They serve two goals at the same time: to always remind about important things and to be a fancy décor.

Commercials and Movie Posters

Some of them are real masterpieces and are worth to be enjoyed every day. They reflect significant and popular things that become an essential part of our daily life and have a special meaning in modern culture.

Road Signs

Usually, this type of poster is used in retro interiors. It would also match the living space of those who travel a lot and collects the impressions of the trips.

Floristic Posters

More and more popularity gain herbariums, which always look noble and aristocratic in the interior. Choose the image of dracaena or orchid – they are the mainstream nowadays.

Reproduction of Famous Paintings

And of course, there are some rules on how to place them on the wall to make it look harmonious and balanced. First of all, put the posters in groups – a single image looks successfully only if it is a real masterpiece. Try to locate them in the big room – plenty of posters in the small environment makes it look overloaded. You can combine the posters of different sizes and types of frames. Put them absolutely randomly, starting from the biggest one in the middle. It can also be the same size posters, joined by common ideas and topics. In this case, the frames must match each other. Place them into two or three rows with three pictures in each.

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