Post-quarantine Design: What Have We Learned

The pandemic of coronavirus is stepping back and almost all the countries have weakened the quarantine regime. No doubts, Corvid 19 has changed a lot of things in our society, the way of thinking and perception.

The sphere of the home design was also affected greatly, and it is not about the trends but more about the concept of living. Constant staying at home made us pay more attention to the things that never mattered that much before. Besides, plenty of people have estimated the advantages of remote working and will continue to work in this mode, so, no doubts, it will affect the interior design of the closest future.


storage system

When all the family stays at home for a long time, it is obvious, that space is appreciated more than ever before. So the more organized your apartment is, the more comfortable it is for spending a long time there together. Disorder in the room can bring the person down and even cause depression. A good storage system will always help to keep all the things in perfect order and free more space.

Working Place

working place at home

Most people who started working from home during the quarantine have realized the lack of a comfortable working place. Of course, not everybody can afford a separate room for study, but at least the cozy quiet corner with a convenient computer chair must be planned in any living space.


Quarantine has shown, that even a small apartment with maximum open space must have a separate room for staying alone. The strongest relationship can be seriously examined with constant staying together, so it is necessary to escape sometimes.

Flexible Design

home design

When the space is limited, it is very convenient, if different functional zones can easily change their intended use: for example, when the bedroom turns into a class- or a playing-room, when the kitchen gets to be a home cinema and the living room starts serving as a conference hall. The possibility of these “magic” changes must be also planned in advance.

Health and Sport

sporting at home

Almost everybody was complaining about the hypodynamy during the quarantine. So the compact training simulators and treadmills have appeared in many apartments a will definitely stay there as an essential part of it.

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