Popular Avant-Garde Style in Your Home: Innovation, Originality, and Sophistication

avant garde home decor

There are times when there is a desire to modernize your home and turn it into a special space with new and interesting decor. If you have such a desire, you should probably bring a little avant-garde home improvements to your interior.

People tend to like the traditional design, with formats and ideas that end up being pretty common. Why not try doing home decor in a more original, innovative direction?

Avant-garde art played an important role in the 20th century. But now its artistic philosophy has made its way into the world of home design. So we сan tell you about avant-garde interior design as a style and how to apply it to your apartment.

Learn all about the avant-garde style immediately.

About the Avant-garde Style

Avant-garde – a bright, bold style that does not succumb to traditional and conventional thinking. This is a true symbol of the revolutionary aspirations of young people in the early 20th century. Then the avant-garde was a kind of cultural and aesthetic challenge, whose goal was to create new art.


avant garde decor

One of our favorite themes is the combination of colors. That doesn't mean you want to blow up the room with an explosion of colors, because then it can be uncomfortable to be in it. You should only use two or three colors in one room.

The avant-garde design uses pure colors: white, black, red, yellow, and green. You can safely use several contrasting colors in an avant-garde bedroom, and all at once, it can emphasize the dynamics and expression. And the contrast can occur not only between the walls, floor, and ceiling but even in the colors of the walls. To decorate in the avant-garde style, the latest finishing materials are used. For example, fiberglass, decorative plaster, metallic wallpaper, rubbing compounds, laminated coatings, etc.

avant garde bedroom

And now more about colors in detail:

  • Black and White

These colors are great for both walls and furniture and create a nice harmony. It is also good to paint three walls in white and one in black.

  • Neutral Colors

Combining brown and gray, white and gray, white and brown, etc. – are all great, simple options that can give a room a stunning look.

  • White and Purple

This is also a great combination. Purple has a personality and intensity that other colors don't have.

  • Dark Blue and Gray

Blue gives seriousness and dark blue contrasts well with gray. Remember: if there is a dark tone in the room, it should always be complemented by a lighter, brighter color.

avant garde beds

These are some of the most common combinations, but of course, there are many other options. If you're not feeling too bold, these four colors are a great reference point for your avant-garde home.

Furniture in the Avant-garde Style

You have to understand what this style looks like. Obviously, this has a lot to do with what kind of furniture you choose. Avant-garde furniture speaks for itself, and simplicity reigns supreme in this direction of home decor.

The form should be strictly geometric with clear contours and without unnecessary details. Chairs, sofas, and tables should have simple, smooth lines. This is a big part of what distinguishes avant-garde from wavy modern. This style is not about complexity, but about leaving space for the viewer to perceive the decor. But the furniture can also be a kind of experiment. For example, suspended beds or beds without legs are one of the features of the avant-garde.

avant garde home improvements

This style also involves a more dispersed distribution of furniture. You limit your decor to simple things and make it easier to move around in the space. In other words, you avoid cluttering the space, but you also place more than just basic items.

You also want to leave the walls bare so that their color plays a role in the decor.

Avant-garde Lighting

Good lighting is fundamental to any interior design.

avant garde interiors

Natural light is essential for a home in this style. Large windows allow light to flow in and accentuate the shapes and colors in each room.

Of course, you can't use natural light all the time. So you need artificial lighting, but not so direct as to illuminate the entire space. It is best to have small spotlights on the ceiling or central lighting.

Your main goal is to make the light in the room soft to give it an alternative, relaxing feel. Such lighting can bring a sense of comfort and tranquility and help make your home cozy and beautiful!

Avant-garde light fixtures don't just make a room brighter. They're eye-catching. They can shine because of their stunning artistry. However, don't forget that an avant-garde light fixture can have a perfectly ordinary shape and style, but it can be striking in size.

Avant-garde Home Decor

What kind of decorations are common in this style?

avant garde design ideas

Avant-garde interior design avoids fractional decor and finishes. Metal, wooden, or glass furniture looks perfect in this avant-garde interior. Shapeless pieces, such as bean bags, can look especially breathtaking with their strict shapes and structures.

Here are some avant-garde interior examples of common pieces that work well

  • Lamps

Lamps with a round, dangling hood soften the space. But lamps with a cut pyramid shape are great, too. You also need to remember to choose one that blends well with your walls and furniture.

  • Framed Paintings and photos

If you want to hang one of these items on the wall to attract attention and leave the surfaces mostly bare, this is the right decision. But what types of images work best for this purpose? Landscapes, abstraction, cubism, expressionism – these are all good options for an avant-garde style.

  • Plants

Just about any plant you can think of adds simplicity and freshens up the room. Greens also give the room a more natural look.

  • Other accessories

Vases, picture frames, candles, television-if all these items are made in simple lines and geometric shapes, they can help create balance in the room.

avant garde home

Obviously, when it comes to where to look for inspiration, the avant-garde style is your best design scheme. Within its minimally restrictive rules, you can embody almost anything. If you like that kind of freedom in your life, you deserve it in your interior design as well.

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