Planning a Perfect Wardrobe: How to Keep Everything in the Apartment Arranged

how to plan the wardrobe

One of the most important problems that you have to solve while planning your living space is the storage system. It is especially important for small apartments, where you have not that much space to embody your design ideas and every single square meter must be used rationally. This matter must be rethought carefully at the very beginning of the planning. So, the storage system must be:

  • Capacious
  • In the same conception with the rest of interior
  • Taking the smallest area

It is important not only for the wardrobes but also for dressing-rooms, as the main thing here is maximal accessibility to every single corner and shelf in it.

So, here are the steps that you have to take to make your perfect wardrobe:

Right Place

It totally depends on the purpose of it and which type of things will be stored there. Will it be a common one for the husband and wife, for one of them, for the kid, a family one, for the outwear, with entresols or without – that is the thing that defines a lot.


Now you can clearly see how much space you can afford for this. We can dream about certain things, but reality always dictates.

Sort Your Stuff out

Separate all your things into groups according to the way they can be stored. If you see how much things are supposed to be on the hangers, you can easily decide how big this section should be. The same about the rest of the groups. Measure, how much space you need for the bags and accessories, and where exactly they should be.

Big Stuff

You also have to think about pillows, blankets, winter clothing, travel bags, sports equipment, etc. If these things still have no dedicated place in the apartment – it is the very right moment to plan it. It will solve a lot of inconveniences.

Calculate the Dimensions of Departments

Now you can easily determine which high of the rail for hangers is the most convenient for you and how big each section should be. The most frequently used things must be the most accessible and the top shelves can be occupied by the things that you don’t use too often. Also do not forget to measure the length of your stuff that should be placed on the hangers in order to arrange the shelves under it.

Make a Schematic Visualization

Now you can put the results of your decisions on paper. Even a simple depiction of it can help you to find the weak spots of your wardrobe or the things that you would like to improve.

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