“Pink Dream” or Perfect Design for Girl’s Room

girl's room

A girl's room is a small piece of art that emphasizes your child's individuality, and aspiration for beauty. Therefore, parents should carefully consider the repair of the room, and try to make it not only as comfortable as possible, but also beautiful, able to form a girl's horizon, and her sense of beauty.

What kind of room do you imagine when you hear “girl’s room”: bright and pink, festive, full of toys, funny pictures, bows? with pretty lockers and turntables here and there?

But psychologists believe that the design of the children's room should be as simple as possible. And also convenient!

Start with the walls: they'd better be light.

  • This way you save the feeling of space, and sunlight.
  • Don’t hang or clutter up your windows: all you have to do is to provide them with small Roman curtains in pleasant colors.

Artificial lighting should also be considered very carefully: the light above each bed, by the desk, by the mirror and even the lighting in the cabinets is mandatory.

The general appearance of a room and its atmosphere depend on the right shades. It is possible to create a soft, relaxing environment with gentle tones, and with the help of contrasting transitions, it is beneficial to highlight important interior items.

Few Popular Techniques for Girl’s Room Arrangement

Apricot and Creamy

Juicy apricot tones blend harmoniously with the delicate beige, and cream palette and create an optimistic/joyful mood.

Green, Blue and Beige

If you want to decorate the room in neutral beige tones without getting a faceless room with a mediocre design, add the notes of contrast and joy in the form of soft blue and salad shades. These colors combine perfectly with each other and succulently stand out against a beige background.

Turquoise and Mint Palette

Mint shades are able to stimulate learning and have a relaxing effect in the evening. So use them to revitalize the interior of the nursery and complement them with colorful blue, and dark green accents. This design will allow you to feel the atmosphere of completeness in the room and will be appreciated by a young girl of 15-20 years old.

Orange and Mint

We recommend a pleasant for the eye design of the children's room in the neoclassical style with bright accents for an active, sociable child. You can bring the modern idea of interior design into life with the help of turquoise, and orange tones that are matched to each other in furniture, textiles, and decorative objects.

Turquoise and Pink-Purple

perfect room for girl

The room, decorated in mint and “sand” tones, can be greatly transformed by adding a few pink, and purple objects. Such embedding in the neutral interior attracts attention, and are very popular among primary school girls.

The Combination of Gray, Blue, and Beige

If you notice your child's desire for a classic interior and a neutral color scheme, choose muted shades that complement each other as much as possible.

The interior of a girl’s room should be comfortable and safe. It is good if children have access to the objects of interest to them, easy to get toys and sit on a chair.

This will teach them to be independent, as well as get rid of unpleasant sensations in case of failure - even minor negative experiences can affect the character of the child. But you must be fully confident that in the personal space of the child does not expect any danger, such as sharp objects, shaky furniture, or harmful materials.

We've already realized that pink isn't the only color that can decorate a girl's room. Now let's get this over the stylistics.

Modern Style

Conciseness, restraint of modern style will create a universal space in which a child can fit his hobby. A modern children's room even for younger girls can be committed in this style because it is best suited for unusual solutions. For example, photo wallpapers with cartoon characters, collections of figures, objects of unusual shapes.

Classical Style

baby-girl's room

A classic will turn a trivial children's room into a girl’s dream room, where the characters of your favorite films (cartoons) live.

The necessary effect will be achieved thanks to furniture with carved legs and patterns, curtains with lambrequins, canopy beds, or elegant decorative motifs in the decoration. Such a design will bring up the aristocracy, a sense of beauty in the child, with which he will go on in life.


Pastel palette, floral patterns, light fabrics, antique furniture - you will be able to embody a cozy atmosphere in the children's room, which a little girl will certainly be delighted with, using these expressive means.

The light color scheme will calm down overactive children a little. Another advantage of the style - the mandatory use of natural materials - will not only be good for the health of the child but also instill a love for natural beauty.


Creative and active girls will surely like the children's room in the style of pop-art. Such space can become a place for the development of imagination, as well as the implementation of non-standard hobbies.

In the interior design can be inscribed rich, diverse colors, little eclectic items, posters with characters of comics or cartoons - any element will look appropriate.

Remember, that you shouldn’t create an interior that can’t be easily changed. It is better to constantly add some small details that are relevant to your grown-up child. And then this room will be the most beloved and in-demand teenager’s place, and the adults who have created it - his/her best friends.

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9 months ago

What I should do if my daughter likes military interior??

7 months ago
Reply to  Greg

Every person has a unique taste. Simply, you can't enforce your daughter to like what you like! But every type of common interior design is beautiful!

9 months ago

I wanted Provence room so much!

But now I can do it because I know how to decorate it, thanks

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