Pierre Yovanovitch’s Mama Bear Chair Is Designed To Help You Avoid Fatigue

Pierre Yovanovitch Mama Bear Chair

The lobby of the townhouse in Paris serves as the place for Pierre Yovanovitch's office and showrooms. Two floors of the building show what your house may look like if you were to ask for help from Yovanovitch’s firm. The space presents both the interior designer’s furniture line and art on the walls. Like the furniture, the art is supplied by contemporary gallery Kamel Mennour, whose Paris interiors were also designed by Yovanovitch.

On display in one of the showrooms is the Mama Bear chair, designed by Yovanovitch. The middle-size piece has been recently acquired by the Musée des Arts Décoratifs. It is available in other sizes: Papa (the larger one) and a smaller Baby. According to the name, the chair resembles a bear and has the upper corners, the armrests and larger segments plumped, and two indents in the middle of the back. The chairs are upholstered in a white-colored textured fabric that makes them fluffy. And like all high-quality furniture, it doesn’t sag and encourages lounging.

The model was designed back in 2012 special for a private customer, but Yovanovitch decided to present them to the public later in 2017. The designer showed the chairs at the R & Company gallery in New York, which now sells his works.

Despite the fact that he started his furniture line, which features 45 pieces, last year, he has managed his studio for over 20 years. As he was involved in designing interiors, he thought that it is time to start creating furniture for the homes he was renovating. 

The Bear chairs were created to be round in order to oppose the straight lines of the house Yovanovitch was designing. The designer wanted to create something humorous but still beautiful. In his opinion, the private spaces shouldn’t be too serious because this is a space where we have to be ourselves.

As a result, he got a pretty Tbut simple shape. The comfortable chair supports a seated person. The chairs and couches are soft and help to avoid fatigue after a few sedentary hours.

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