Perfume Storage Ideas and Other Secrets to Prolong the Use of Your Favorite Fragrances

The Best Perfume Storage Ideas

Your collection of favorite fragrances is probably expensive and quite fragile. And you definitely want your favorite scents to last a long time. Have you thought about proper fragrance storage? If not, that's okay. 

We've compiled the best options for perfume storage ideas in the home and helpful tips to prolong the life of your favorite perfume bottles. Get comfy, we're getting started.

The Best Perfume Storage Ideas

It doesn't matter how big your perfume collection is: if you have more than a couple of bottles, you need a place to store and display your cologne collection. Of course, finding creative perfume box storage solutions becomes more difficult as bottles accumulate, especially if you're trying to strike a balance between functionality, space saving, and decorative design. In any case, it's never too early or too late to start organizing your collection.

So, how to organize your perfumes?

Round Stand on a Stem

Round Stand on a Stem

Among perfume holder ideas is this creative and very cute way to display perfume collection spirits. The coasters are affordable, quirky and cute. You can find them at absolutely any cooking store. After all, this is a real cake stand. But even in any other place you can find something similar.

Perfume Organizer Shelf

Perfume Organizer Shelf

This way of storing perfumes is very concise, functional and practical. Imagine how many other things you can easily place on such perfume shelves for home. But best of all, bottles of fragrance look like a perfume display shelf. 

All you need to do is find the right model and order. 

As with cake stands, look for them at cooking or antique stores. 

Perfume Display Cabinets

Perfume Display Cabinets

The best way to keep perfume as fresh as possible for as long as possible is to hide it away. There are numerous perfume cabinet ideas for this purpose. Dark, dry places are the best places to store perfumes. The back of a closet or a perfume cabinet for home is the perfect place to store a new bottle of perfume. 

Shallow Shelves

Shallow Shelves

If you live in a small room or just want to save as much space as possible, store your perfume on a shallow wall shelf. A perfume organizer shelf with a shallow shape and streamlined design, prevents your favourite jars of fragrance from falling over.

Wall Cubes

Wall Cubes

We also suggest using wall cubes to store perfumes. How to organize perfumes this way? Like shallow shelves, wall cubes take perfume out of dangerous places, take up very little space and make it easily accessible and viewable. You can make them yourself or buy them in a store. 

Decorative Wall Frame

Decorative Wall Frame

This one is one cologne storage idea and we think it's gorgeous. All you have to do is buy a beautiful frame in the right style and insert it under the perfume bottle storage shelves. In this way, you can turn furniture into art.

Yes, it definitely takes more effort than buying an off-the-shelf storage option, but it's worth it. It's an unusual, innovative looking luxury in any interior. 

Frames can also be ordered or you can do it easier and buy ready-made.

So if you have the right place for such a frame, desire and time – act. 

Transparent Boxes

Transparent Boxes

It's one of the best perfume display ideas.

If you want to unobtrusively show off your collection, try the option of decorative clear perfume box storage containers. Not only do these boxes protect the bottles from dust, but they're also a stylish way to keep your fragrances for longer. 

Perfume Drawer

Perfume Drawer

This is a fairly simple bedroom perfume storage idea.

It’s like your own secret perfume organizer box.

If you find a free drawer for your fragrances – you can say goodbye to the chaos among the jars of fumes. 

Before putting things in order, arrange all the bottles on the floor. And then sort your favorite jars by frequency of use and mood. Leave in the first row only those fragrances that bring a smile to your face and a pleasant emotion. 

We guarantee that even after several months, your perfume box is still neat and tidy. You are not looking for anything else, and finding the right bottle becomes very easy. 

Perfume Tray

How to display perfume in some other way? One option for perfume organizer ideas can be a special tray.

It is very convenient and you can always place such a tray in any convenient place. For example, in your bedroom. In this case, it is good if the dresser or nightstand is away from direct sunlight, because perfumes can definitely be safe there.

A perfume tray idea keeps them organized, and you can arrange them so that the most used ones are in the foreground, or however you like to categorize them. Plus, it's aesthetically pleasing!

There are many models of fragrance display ideas with trays: stone, marble, leather, plastic, mirrored, metal. 

Here are a few home perfume display ideas us:

  • NORMANN steel tray 
NORMANN steel tray


NORMANN's powder-coated steel perfume display tray is incredibly high-quality and versatile for any home.

  • Sepia small walnut tray 
Sepia small walnut tray


Such a wooden small walnut tray can be not only a perfume table display but also an elegant and very stylish option for a rustic living room or bedroom.

  • Medium Tidy Tray
Medium Tidy Tray


The Medium Tidy Tray is handcrafted of leather, embellished with decorative branded rivets and has an inner layer of luxuriously soft suede. It can be your best place to store perfume.

  • HAY Cube powder-coated steel tray table
HAY Cube powder-coated steel tray table


This is not a perfume shelf idea but the HAY Cube tray table fits in perfectly as a place to store perfumes and just as a beautiful piece of furniture.

So, we shared with you the best perfume shelf ideas for the proper storage of fragrance, and now it's up to you to choose your favorite option and implement it in your home.

Recommendations for Storing Perfumes

  • You should not buy large bottles of perfume, as they store much worse than those of up to 50 ml.
  • To keep the fragrance unchanged, avoid touching the bottleneck with your hands when using it.
  • When looking for perfume organization ideas, always make sure the lid is securely closed.
  • Keep your fragrances out of direct sunlight – ideally in a dark place. The sun can heat your cologne and break down the chemicals. This can cause the fragrance to become deodorized. Think carefully about correct perfume stand ideas.
  • Forget about perfume stands for the bathroom and storing it in such a room! You shouldn't do this because the temperature in the bathroom can fluctuate a lot and cause unwanted chemical reactions in the fragrance. 
  • Handle the bottle as gently as possible: do not shake, do not shake, do not store in the refrigerator or in a hot room. It is best to keep your perfume at room temperature. Optimal conditions: room temperature between 68 and 77 degrees Fahrenheit, 70% humidity.
  • It is not recommended to carry the perfume in your purse.
  • You don't have to possess a luxury perfume shelf. However, sure to store perfumes in an upright position. This can prevent any surprises and prevents the leakage of toilet water.
  • Store your collection in a dry place and choose the best way to store perfume. Water can act as an enemy and ruin your fragrance. 
  • Perfume sprays are more protected from the air and evaporate less. But experts believe that even in a closed bottle perfume gradually evaporates. So be careful to close the perfume carefully - it is a prerequisite for preventing the evaporation of the fragrance.
  • Don't store your favorite perfume scents high up on a shelf but not in an organizer. This is trivial advice, but if you decide to pull one of the jars off the shelf, it's not impossible to drop it or that. Perfume can easily break.
  • Ideally, store your scents in their original box. This can create its own microclimate and protect the fragrance from sunlight.
  • But a lot of users ask whether it is possible to pour perfume into a plastic bottle. Experts answer that such containers are allowed to be used for any toilet water. Plastic is a practical material that is suitable for storing perfume.


To check the originality of purchased perfumes – men's or women's, to find out what the expiration date of the perfume and the date of manufacture of your fragrance is enough to see a special code on the bottle - the batch code. Such a check allows you to verify the originality of your perfume and know when it was produced.

When buying a cherished bottle, remember that packaged eau de toilette or perfumed water can be stored for 3–5 years. Unpacked fragrances can be stored for 12 to 24 months, depending on whether or not the necessary conditions are met.

But be organized, follow these little tips and all should be well! You're sure to extend the shelf life of your favorite fragrances.

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