The Best Backyard Patio Ideas and Designs That Won’t Reflect on Your Wallet

patio ideas on a budget

Sooner or later, the construction of any house comes to an end, after which it is time to tidy up the outdoor space ideas, or you have an idea to redevelop the inner territory. Every owner wants to see his yard pleasing to the eye and comfortable to use. To achieve these results, there are a few simple patio ideas on a budget to keep in mind when planning your yard.

Characteristic Features of Backyard Patio Design

ideas for small patio

First, look at your yard and think about small outdoor patio ideas and what you would like to do with it. Opportunities to take action. But if you are reading this article, then most likely you are still at the first stage. Therefore, we have put together some inexpensive screen porch ideas on a budget to help you create your oasis in the backyard.

Geometric Pavers and Grass Patterns

One of the cheapest options among patio ideas on a budget that still makes a great impression. If you want to somehow ennoble the land in your yard, lay it out with paving stones in the form of a mosaic or stained-glass window.

You can also plant ivy or other ground cover plants between the cobblestones to add contrast. This minimalism in backyard patio ideas on a budget will help you save money.

Ask Friends for Cuttings

Before thinking about a small patio design idea and going to the store for seeds (which can be expensive), ask your friends if they could share with your cuttings. Many plants can be grown from cuttings to save you money.

Flower Pots

What about small patio ideas on a budget? You probably have some ornamental plants in your home, so you already know what you need to do. Therefore, nothing prevents you from doing the same in the yard. Surfing the internet, there are screened in porch decorating ideas on a budget. There are tons of flower pot ideas that you can most likely apply with ease.

By the way, you don't have to be limited to pots - you can use boxes, barrels, car tires, old pallets, and so on.

Perennial Plants

Perennials are plants that, unlike annuals, do not need to be planted year after year. Therefore, fill your garden with them - and your wallet will not lose weight. It is also good for outdoor design ideas for small outdoor space: Here are some safe bets:

  • Allium (Lilac globular flowers)
  • Astilba
  • Baptisia
  • Buddleja
  • Echinacea
  • Anigozanthos (kangaroo foot)
  • Sage
  • Veronica (Purple flowers with thorns)

The cost of perennial plants may be slightly higher, but this is one of the small backyard patio ideas on a budget and a one-time expense that will pay off both financially and visually.

Ornamental Grasses

Combining different types of herbs will give your garden a modern look. Yes, it can be small patio decorating ideas on a budget, but the design will look expensive, but in reality, it will have a very small impact on your budget. Here are some good ornamental herbs:

  • Evergreen sheep
  • Veinik
  • Linen
  • Bristly pinnacle
  • Schizachyrium paniculata
  • Zoysia (ideal among ground cover)

Plant beautiful grass, by the way, better evergreen.

Gravel as the Best Accent

Among small deck ideas on a budget, you should consider gravel. It is easy to use, durable, and relatively inexpensive. It can be used where there is poor soil, people are constantly walking, problems with sewage, or just for beauty.


With good imagination and straight arms and ideas for a small patio, almost anything can be made to decorate your landscape. So don't be afraid to come up with and bring ideas to life!

In addition, here is a list of general tips

outdoor space ideas

  • With the help of simple techniques and small covered patio ideas, a courtyard can be visually made wider and more comfortable:
  • Avoid bulky, dark buildings in the lot. If you cannot do without them, then make the buildings as compact and "airy" as possible by ennobling them with weaving plants or grapes.
  • With porch ideas on a budget openwork metal fence or mesh netting decorated with climbing flowering plants would be ideal. It's a great idea to replace the fence with a hedge.
  • A taboo for a small yard is tall, spreading trees, which, as they grow, will take away a significant part of your territory.
  • Avoid clear geometric shapes and sharp corners in the layout, they sharply demarcate the space, which will emphasize the small size of the site.
  • If your yard will still be decorated in a strict style, then use repeating elements (boxwood bushes, flower pots, decorative stones, lanterns).
  • Create inexpensive outdoor patio ideas like focal points. It can be a flower bed, a small pond, a standard tree, or an interesting decorative element. They attract the eye and visually divide the common space into parts, complicating it.
  • You can also use cheap ways to decorate patio like layering and 3D layout effects. Playing on the unevenness of the landscape and color shades, add depth and volume to your patio.
  • Make a path that goes into the distance, which rests against a hedge or row of bushes. This will give the impression that your yard continues.
  • If the patio has paving, then leave a few "windows" in it and sow them with lawn grass. This will give the coating lightness and look more loose and spacious. And the paving pattern itself creates a direction that you can also use to change the proportions of the yard.
  • At the same time, choose architectural plants, the crown of which can be adjusted, for example, linden, maple, forsythia, standard trees, jasmine, lilac, wild rose, barberry.
  • For fruit trees, opt for dwarf and semi-dwarf varieties. Your garden will gain depth and volume by planting cold dark plants in the background, and warm and light plants in the foreground.
  • Use vertical gardening techniques as best patio ideas on a budget. You can decorate blank walls and a fence, create green screens with clematis, decorative beans, and grapes.
  • Another interesting element in cheap outdoor living ideas is container planting of plants. In this way, trees, flowers, and even aromatic herbs or ornamental herbs can be grown.
  • A small neat pond will not take up much space but will be one of the perfect cheap small patio ideas, but it will definitely revive the atmosphere of a small courtyard. It can be a fountain, a narrow stream or a two-level pond with a bridge, a dry pond, or a stream with moisture-loving vegetation and stones. Place your mini-pond next to the recreation area, and then you can fully enjoy the beauty.
  • Place lights with dim lights along the path. This will emphasize the shape, direction, and length of the tracks.
  • Pendant lamps with candles add a romantic touch to the relaxation area
  • Plants as cheap backyard patio designs illuminated by accumulative lights at night look three-dimensional and create depth.
  • Use in the decor of a dry stream, glow in the dark, decorative stones.
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