Pandemic Is Dictating New Rules in a Lighting Design, Discover Modern Trends

Lighting Design, Discover Modern Trends

Led lighting company surveyed to find out if the pandemic has impacted lighting design trends.

Ninety percent of voted people noted that the outdoor lighting design is in a big requisition.

Eighty-nine percent noted an increase in contactless lighting such as motion-activated toilet lighting.

Eighty-three percent found out that lighting design is used to keep the lighting low in common areas where crowds form.

Ninety-three percent recommended LED lighting because they provide more flexibility in design.

As a result of the pandemic, many people switched to a remote work format, so they had to retool their apartments and houses to create the most comfortable area to make money, study, relax, exercise for all family members, but observe personal space for everyone.

All over the world people most often prefer minimalism or "modern" style in the interior.

The working area is most often located in the living room or bedroom. Working from home increased life satisfaction, but decreased productivity, according to the study. So, the right repair and color resolution plays a big role in people`s productivity. The main present trend is space alignment. For example, a separate kitchen and a separate living room are no longer so popular, and many designers seek to combine these areas, transforming the space into a peculiar loft.

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