Dried Grasses for Decoration — a Feathered Plant That Is a Great Success in the Design World

Dried Grasses for Decoration

When you're obsessed with floral decorations, you can't just stop experimenting with new designs.Sometimes, however, it happens that your creativity gets stale, and you just can't come up with beautiful ideas.

Earlier Cortaderia was decorated for chic boho weddings, if the ceremony was held in the countryside. But gradually, pampas grass decor has become a significant detail of the interior styles of rustic and loft. Pampas grass is in full bloom right now, so grab your scissors and get ready to cut some fluffy, feathery grass for your home. Whether adding to your favorite fall floral arrangement or adding a twist to your Bohemian celebration, it's no secret that pampas grass captures the attention of everyone in attendance. In 2021, we’re looking for inspiration and innovative ways to showcase the inherent natural beauty of this stunning, budding botanical.

And today we tell you about how pampas grass can decorate the rooms in your home.

The Origin of Pampas Grass

Known by its scientific name, Cortaderia selloana, pampas grass is a charming ornamental grass native to the Pampa region of southern South America. It was later introduced to North America, New Zealand, Europe, and Australia in the 1970s and is used as an ornamental after drying.

However, it is now considered an invasive weed in some regions and is even banned in New Zealand and Hawaii. Weed or not, pampas grass continues to be an attractive grass for table decoration, from living rooms to bathrooms.

Features and Characteristics of Pampas Grass

Compass Grass as a Decorative Element

There are about 25 different varieties and species of pampas grass. Distinctive features of pampas grass are the narrow, long leaves, which can be bluish or silvery gray. They are no more than 1 centimeter wide and can be up to 1 – 2 meters long. But for interior designers, the greatest interest is the panicle-shaped inflorescence measuring 30-40 centimeters. Most often you find Cortaderia with panicles of wheat color. But you can also find snow-white and pink ones.

Pampas grass is good as an independent element of the decor, but it is often woven into thematic autumn compositions.

The most common grass decoration is:

  • Dining table (including the holiday pampas table decor);
  • Mantelpiece;
  • Front door (for this purpose, they make a wreath from the dried pampas grass decor).

Cortaderia can be combined with a white or orange pumpkin, if you are preparing an autumn composition (and now it is very topical). Also field or garden flowers. This feathery plant decor can give a room rustic comfort or austere elegance.

Compass Grass as a Decorative Element

If you decide to use pampas dried grasses for decoration as an independent decorative element, remember that a plant with a beige inflorescence is ideal for a room with neutral tones. And if you wish to add bright colors to the interior, choose Cortaderia with pink, red, or purple inflorescence.

You can put pampas grass in a vase or h in a small jug on the floor. The vessel can be clay or clear glass, white, silver, or bronze.

It is capable of decorating any room in the house – living room, bedroom, and even pampas grass in the bathroom. Pampas grass wall decor can be safely called a universal element of the interior, like this plant in neutral tones successfully complements the styles of country, province, rustic, boho, as well as loft and industrial.

Benefits of Pampas Grass

Benefits of Pampas Grass

While standard green houseplants are always on-trend, dried large pampas grass decor is starting to take over. Homeowners and decorators love this pampas grass indoor not only for its elegant cloud-like stems but also for its unique texture and characteristics.

If you still need convincing, let's talk about why designers choose pampas grass for centerpieces and bouquets, as well as for home decor.


Since pampas grass pampas wall decor is already dried, it generally requires little maintenance.

Gives a Textural Quality to the Room

The pampas grass trend creates a sculpted look, adding a nice touch of casual drama. But most importantly, it allows your living space to become cozy and warm, giving you a unique tactile experience.

Bring a Piece of Nature Into Your Home

Do you still think grass should only grow in your backyard, garden, or nature? This kind of tall pampas grass decor proves us wrong. After all, it is pampas grass that creates a captivating outdoor atmosphere in your home.

Neutral Colors

Designers love the limitless possibilities that pampas grass opens up because of its neutral colors. They blend beautifully with any decor. It creates a great neutral palette with lots of textures that go with any pampas grass styling of the home.


Is pampas grass poisonous to humans?

Homeowners with children and pets should be careful when choosing landscape plants for their yard or garden. But pampas grass is a good choice because it is non-toxic to animals and people.

Cortaderia Care

Pampas grass is an unpretentious and perennial plant. It is not difficult to grow it in the garden plot if you know how to properly care for it. Pampas grass stalks can grow on sandy and stony soil. Water it enough once in 2 weeks, but in dry weather – more often. Pampas grass likes sun, and it is better to plant it in open areas.

It is important to remember: a young plant does not bloom for the first 3 – 4 years. Although, Cortaderia survives the winter quite easily, and you won't need to cover its roots additionally. But residents of areas with cold and humid climates should make efforts to ensure that the heat-loving pampas grass is not killed by severe frosts.

The lifespan of a true pampas grass plant is about 10 – 15 years.

After you fluff it up and chop it as desired, put pampas grass indoor in a vase with no water, keep it out of direct sunlight and moisture. Every few months, lightly dust or shake it to keep it looking fresh.

Preparing the Pampas Grass Decor

Preparing the Pampas Grass Decor

If you decide to decorate your room with Cortaderia, cut off a few stems (better to do this while wearing gloves, because its leaves are prickly and can easily scratch your fingers). Tie up the cut stems with a strong string and hang them upside down in a dark, cool place (drying in the dark preserves the plant's natural color). How long will dried pampas grass last? Allow drying for three weeks. Dried panicle inflorescence are very brittle and can quickly fall off. To maintain their shape and beauty, use a special fixer. It is sold in flower stores. But a regular hairspray also works well.

Yes, pampas grass sheds when you shake or move it around. You can reduce shedding by lightly spritzing the mahrs with hairspray when they fluff up. Try this on a small area first to see if you like the result.

It's always a fun idea to experiment with new designs. If you want to craft DIYs, get high-quality pampas grass.

You can ask “where can I buy pampas grass? ”

If suddenly for various reasons you can not grow pampas grass on your garden plot but you can always:

  • buy it in flower stores
  • ordered on the website

They offer an assortment of natural dried pampas grass. The plants are available in a wide range of sizes and colors and can be purchased by the stem or in bundles.

  • or take advantage of offers from Amazon

If you're looking for a cheaper alternative, the Amazon platform is a good option to consider.

Be sure to check reviews before making a purchase. Usually, good products have reviews with photos from other buyers showing what the product actually looks like, which avoids unpleasant surprises with your order.

It is normal for pampas grass to look a little crumpled after purchase or as you begin to use it. We suggest taking the stems out of the package, shaking the pampas grass outside to fluff it up, it crumbles a bit, but it's perfectly natural. Once you place the plant in the vase, give it a few days to take shape.

We have a little trick if you want your pampas grass to be even fluffier than in its natural state: just dry it with a hairdryer. We recommend gently drying your pampas grass with a hairdryer on low power for 5 minutes. This really helps the hairs to unravel.

Be careful not to over-dry with a hairdryer or comb them, as the grass sheds too much.


How much does pampas grass cost

How much does pampas grass cost? The cost of dried pampas grass varies greatly depending on the seller and your location. Nevertheless, you can expect to spend at least $20 for every five canes.

Of course, if you can find it yourself, you can save a lot of money.

Important Tip!

Make sure you buy pampas grass tall enough for your needs. Measure any vase you are using. Always remember that grass is easier to cut if it's too tall, but it's excruciatingly hard to make it taller!

Pampas grass is inherently dreamy. It evokes thoughts of rippling country fields on a windy fall day. That's why it is so well suited to rooms, even at its largest and most colorful.

We are convinced that pampas grass can decorate the interior of your house all year round. Although many people associate it with meadow grasses, despite its apparent simplicity, Cortaderia always gives a stylish and elegant look to the whole space.

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