Is It Realistic to Work in an Outdoor Office? Find Out How to Efficiently Organize Working Place

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If you work from home and are fortunate enough to have a place where you can work at your computer outdoors, sunlight and fresh air can work wonders for your energy level and mood. Outdoor office ideas - balcony, porch, backyard - expands your living and workspace and can provide you the rest you need after strenuous family room work.

A child is always in his arms, a phone in his ear, a laptop in the garden - those who work without leaving home know perfectly well how difficult it is to concentrate on work, as they are constantly distracted by any household trifles.

All these nuances can be solved by creating an outside home office where you could retire, think over new ideas, or make a couple of important calls. To separate the workflow from household chores, we suggest equipping your home outdoor office, which can harmoniously fit into the landscape design of the building. Agree that it is more pleasant to work not in a stuffy apartment, but outdoors among lush greenery and flowers, in a calm atmosphere.

The key to setting up an outdoor home office or porch office is to plan out all the details that nature can have in store for you.

We have prepared for you a plan for comfortable and efficient patio work at the computer in the fresh air:

How to Set Up a Home Office?

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One of the beauties of a home, or better to say, a garden office, is that it can be completely customized to suit your own needs and outdoor office ideas. The shape of the home office depends on the imagination of the creator. And it does not have to be a straight or square structure. The task of such garden offices is not only to make working outside comfortable but also to decorate the garden or backyard with an unusual landscape element. The main thing is that it harmoniously fits into the overall design of the territory. In most cases, such buildings do not require additional approval for installation, since their dimensions do not exceed technical criteria.

Electricity and, if necessary, water can be drawn from the house. Connecting to the Internet will also not be a problem if your home has Wi-Fi that allows you to set up a wireless network in your outside office. You can receive and send emails, receive information, as well as make calls, enjoying the beautiful landscape view, and during the break, you can relax in a sun lounger in the shade of flowering bushes or have a cup of aromatic coffee among flowers and raging greenery.

You can build an outdoor work area in the garden yourself, or you can buy a ready-made block. Among the ready-made projects, the choice is so wide that it allows you to find an option for every taste.

The finished building is placed on the selected site. Electric cables are also laid from the house, and, if necessary, water and sewer pipes. Heating is provided by electricity, but the office itself is sufficiently insulated to ensure year-round operation.

The Main Advantages of a Home Office Outside:

  • You can arrange your work schedule the way you like.
  • You work in your personal environment, next to the people you care about, which creates a positive atmosphere.
  • Furthermore, you save money on gas and the time it takes to get to work.
  • The Garden office, which does not require additional approval for installation, can be placed in any corner of the garden.
  • When you work in your outdoor workspace located in the garden, you are involuntarily surrounded by plants that help reduce stress levels and increase concentration. In addition, the view of the office patio in the garden provides an opportunity to relax your eyes and clear your thoughts.
  • A small, but still stand-alone office will help you better organize your working hours.

Top-7 the Most Helpful Tips for Successful Working Process Outdoor

outside office

Decide Where to Put Your Laptop

If there is no outdoor office furniture or dining table on the terrace, a compact coffee table will do. This can even be placed on a tiny open balcony. In the summer it will serve you on the street, in the fall it will move into a house or apartment and will be an excellent addition to your living room.

Find a Comfortable Outdoor Chair

The choice of an outdoor desk and chair should be approached a little more responsibly. If the laptop can be placed on almost anything, then for yourself it is better to choose the most comfortable option. Of course, a computer chair on wheels will not look very organic on the street, but a garden chair with a wicker back is perfect. Sitting on this will not be hot at all.

Make Moving Outdoor Work Easy and Stress-free

The easier it is to move from work from home to work outside, the better! Use a serving tray to easily carry all of your equipment.

Don't Forget Your Gadget Charger

Charging and a good Wi-Fi signal are extremely important when you work from home.If you are going to equip an outdoor office space, then it is quite possible that you already have the necessary sockets there. If not, use a power strip - models with built-in USB ports are especially convenient. Multiple devices can be charged at the same time.

Create Cool Shadows

No matter how modern and innovative your laptop is, the picture quality in bright sunlight will still be worse. Not only does direct sunlight on your laptop screen cause glare, making the display dim, but it also can cause eye fatigue, headaches, and decreased productivity. If it's too hot outside for you, it's probably dangerous for your computer as well. (Apple recommends using its laptops at an ambient temperature of 50 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit or 10 to 35 degrees Celsius.) So if you can, work outside early in the morning or in the evening when temperatures are common.

To extend your outdoor home office workday, find a shady corner or create one yourself. It could be somewhere under a tree, under the canopy of your house, or in the shade of a garden umbrella. If you have a veranda or gazebo, you can install street curtains with tension rods - they are easy to lift and remove, they help to adapt to changing sun conditions and provide silence from neighbors and extraneous noise during your backyard work. Pair this with durable, weather-resistant outdoor garden furniture for an outdoor workstation that's just as comfortable in mild weather.

Take Care of Your Laptop

Even if you're in the shade, your laptop can still overheat. To prevent this, use a stand with a built-in fan to cool it down. The thing is useful and useful not only on the street in the summer.

Don't Forget to Drink Water

In the warm season, you need to drink a lot more fluids. And in order not to forget about it, put a beautiful decanter with a glass next to you. It will attract attention and remind you of an important process. In addition, you do not have to run to fetch water into the house every time.

Our Special List of Must-Have Products for the PerfectOutdoor Work

outdoor desk

Chairs for Bistro Frontgate Paris

This is a wicker chair that looks decorative but is durable and comfortable enough to sit on for hours.

Interbuild Stockholm Balcony Folding Terrace Table

It is made from hardwood acacia wood and finished with weather-resistant hard wax oil. It's lightweight yet strong enough to support 44 pounds.

Anti-reflective Coating for the Forito Screen

It adheres to the screen with an adhesive backing and has a blue light filter that helps relieve eye fatigue and helps you sleep better after a long day behind the screen. It can also protect against scratches, dust, and common signs of wear and tear.

Branched Isolation Tower

To charge multiple devices at the same time, we recommend using an extension cord. It has 10 outlets, four USB ports, and a 6.5ft retractable power strip.

Eero Pro Mesh Wi-Fi System

If you don't want to take your Wi-Fi system outside, you can connect it to the wall inside. It connects to an existing connection to expand your Wi-Fi coverage.go

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