Right Outdoor Cushion Storage Make Your Patio Stay Enjoyable for Many Years

patio cushion storage ideas

How pleasant it is to sit comfortably on the garden furniture, surrounded by greenery, or near the outdoor fireplace. But no matter how comfortable the furniture is, without textiles, it will not be comfortable enough and even though. The soft upholstery is rarely used in garden furniture because of the outdoor cushion storage.

How to store patio cushions when it is replaced with special pillows or mattresses. They are sewn from durable fabric, and materials that can withstand a significant operational load are used as fillers?

In the search for accessories for maximum comfort, many people forget about such an item as an ordinary cushion and cushion storage. With a seemingly simple form, it can make your vacation more enjoyable. The use of such items in your garden is especially important when it is necessary to correct the degree of comfort of plastic or wooden furniture.

Outdoor cushions are something that is bought not for a year or two, but at least for a decade. For it to be durable, it is important not only to choose high-quality models when buying, but also to provide them with proper care, and most importantly, winter storage. How to do this depends on the type of items and the materials of their manufacture.

Patio Cushion Storage Ideas

If you talk about outdoor cushion storage ideas you can use this versatile shelving stand-alone or stack several in a row. It is durable, easy to clean, and protected from rust as it is made of powder-coated galvanized steel.

Any workable solution that you decide on will have a price to it. The outdoor cushion holder is not expensive. You have invested in your cushion holder for the patio, and now you must go to the further expense or effort to keep them.

There are really only two solutions, either bring them inside or put them in a patio chair cushion storage. Even those cushions that are made of drain dry materials take some time before you can use them and they are not impervious to mold.

Your Outdoor Cushion Storage – Why Is It Important?

outdoor cushion storage

Although you won't be needing your garden furniture throughout the colder months, you shouldn't just forget about it and leave it outside and have patio cushion storage. We recently published a post on outdoor cushion storage ideas, but you should also keep reading to find out how to store outdoor cushions.

The First Thing

When it's finally time to put away your cushions, it's likely that they will have been sitting outside for a while. You wouldn't just put your clothes back in your wardrobe without washing them, would you? Well, it's the same for your outdoor pillow storage!

If your cushions have removable covers, you can take these off and put them in the washing machine. Always air dry, even if the label suggests otherwise. If they don't have machine washable covers or you fancy giving them an extra clean, you can move onto the scrubbing stage. Take a bucket of warm water and soap with a soft brush - avoid harsh detergents. Give your cushions a good clean with the brush and soapy water from seam to seam. Rinse off with a hose or wet towel. If there is mold or mildew staining your outdoor cushions, take a gallon of water and dissolve into it: 1 cup of bleach and 1/4 cup of mild soap. Fill a spray bottle with this mixture and spray it onto the stain. Allow it to sit for fifteen minutes and then rinse thoroughly, allowing the cushion holder to air dry.

Make Sure They Dry...

What about waterproof outdoor cushion storage? Drying your cushions properly before storing them in outdoor furniture cushions storage is very important. Any traces of damp left could lead to mold and mildew forming and growing. Not pleasant! If you don't have waterproof cushion storage- try and dry them on a sunny day, flipping each side to allow equal exposure. Alternatively, dry them on the floor on newspaper or fabric in a heated and correctly ventilated room indoors like storage for patio cushions.

Now They Are Ready!

When your outdoor cushions before the patio pillow storage are clean and dry, you can start storing them away. Choose a suitable place for them to be stored. This may be the garage, the loft, or a cellar. You could even choose a shelf in your wardrobe or drawers under your bed. It's really up to you! The most important factor is that the lawn cushion storage is cool and dry. It's a good idea to protect them by placing your cushions in plastic storage bags in the lawn chair cushion storage. Now, you're all ready to put them in your designated place and store them away for the winter. Then, when summer comes around, you can take out your sparkling clean and fresh cushions from outdoor storage for cushions ready to impress your first BBQ guests!

Accessory Requirements

cushion holder

Garden furniture pillows are somewhat different from conventional sofa counterparts and you should remember how to store outdoor cushions.

Requirements for them are more stringent, they must:

  • be resistant to sunburn;
  • be distinguished by resistance to mechanical damage;
  • be resistant to deformation;
  • have persistent dyes that do not harm clothing;
  • have storage for outdoor furniture cushions
  • differ in the stability of the filler structure in relation to weight loads.

The bet should be made on a pleasant color and original shape. To make the product look as advantageous as possible, several identical pillows are made. The design of all chairs with the same accessories looks especially harmonious.

The material for pillows and seat cushions is chosen based on a number of nuances. It is required:

  • be pleasant to the body, but sufficiently dense and durable;
  • if possible, have blended threads (contain equally natural and synthetic fibers);
  • be distinguished by a special impregnation that provides moisture resistance;
  • be easy to care for
  • garden cushion storage;
  • to approach the landscape composition;
  • be hypoallergenic, otherwise, the use of the product is impossible;
  • be aesthetically pleasing;
  • made in the form of a removable cover, allowing cleaning of the filler and washing of textiles.

Even the sturdiest types of garden furniture cushions are susceptible to external influences.

Materials for street textiles are chosen based on their resistance to action and possibility of storage for outside cushions:

  • high and low temperatures;
  • atmospheric humidity and precipitation;
  • bright sunlight;
  • sea spray.

Outdoor pillows are sewn using durable and attractive materials. After all, textiles should not stand out from the general style of a garden, yard, or site. They make furniture even more beautiful and rest even more comfortable.

Garden furniture is understood as design chairs, benches, benches, long benches. Therefore, pillows are used not only as their classic use but also as seats and mattresses, a decorative element in gazebos and on terraces.


outdoor pillow storage

Garden textiles must fulfill their function. Special fabrics are used for sewing country pillows. They are intended for outdoor use.

The following requirements are imposed on them:

  • pillow covers should be easy to clean;
  • the fabric should be pleasant to the touch, good air permeability;
  • the material must meet all hygienic requirements: not subject to rotting, not covered with mold, not giving insects a chance to settle in it.

No less attention is paid to the design of fabrics. Fabrics should not fade in the sun. It is good if they retain their original appearance for a long time. In a street environment, this is not easy to achieve. But the manufacturers have managed to improve the fade resistance of fabrics. For this, persistent dyes are used, which are used to stain the fibers even at the stage of their formation.

Outdoor fabrics are specially treated. Dirt-repellent treatment and antibacterial impregnation of fabrics prevent dust mites. Water-repellent substances are also applied to the material. Such procedures make the fabric strong and durable.

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