Organization of the Working Space in the Bedroom: 5 Practical Tips

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That’s nothing new that you can work without leaving your home. It is very economical, convenient and much more enjoyable. Especially for introverts who don’t need to communicate with people and feel more comfortable in their bedroom.

Of course, the workplace may be not only in the bedroom. Many people think that it is unrealistic to work in a place where a person sleeps and rests. It does make sense. Therefore, there are many home office ideas on where to arrange a work area at home. For example:

  • Under the stairs. Well, not bad. You can take advantage of the empty space. Don't put a huge ficus there, or make a pantry with different junk. But, of course, not everyone can work in a place where other people often pass by. Most people have a hard time working in this environment.
  • A window sill is commonplace for creating a workplace. In such a well-lighted place you can install a multifunctional working place. A great place for inspiration.
  • Balcony or loggia, attic. Here you can work enjoying a beautiful view and feel almost as if you are outdoors. Designers offer many options like this.

We will still try to convince you to choose the bedroom. Just imagine: suddenly, you wake up with a bunch of brilliant ideas, and you urgently need to write everything down or draw. A couple of steps and you're already in the workplace, comfortable, isn't it?

It all depends on the capabilities of the bedroom: shape, size. All you need is to divide correctly the work and the resting area.

Use a Window Sill as a Worktop

working space in the bedroom

We have considered an option with a window already. This configuration will look harmonious even in the smallest bedroom. You can also add a removable table to the wall. Finish work, remove and put the tabletop along the wall, or hide it. It's very practical.

Table 2 in 1

Do you really need two tables in your room? Remove the small bedside table and put one universal, which can serve for work and your favorite knickknacks. Or you can put another desk next to the bed but on the other side. Pick it up in the same style as a worker and you'll be happy.

The Accent of the Room

Everyone knows that the bed is the main attribute of any bedroom. Try to do the opposite. Think over the stylistics of the workplace and other interior details will be an addition to the main idea. Such a work area will be a source of pride for you.


This is a case for a person who is not able to work calmly next to the beloved bed. Distribute an area for sleep and work and install a separator between them. Decorate this wall the way you wish. If the wall doesn’t inspire you much, you can install a shelf for your library. Arrange the working area by the window and the sleeping place behind the shelving, which doesn’t transmit light.


The name speaks for itself, as only you will know the location of your work area. It’s suitable for people who love space and functional furniture. You can arrange a folding table and other details you need at hand inside the closet.

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