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If you are looking for a living space whose interior space makes you feel in harmony, integrating open floor plans apartments is a solution that will speak to you. Indeed, the open floor plan is more than common in current interior designs because it promotes well-being as well as the cohesion of space which propagates on the cohesion of the inhabitants of the house. But what is open flooring?

The open floors are defined by being a dwelling grouping together different rooms of the house in one large space. So instead of having different rooms bounded by walls such as a living room and a kitchen, these two areas come together as one large open space. The loft is, of course, one of the flooring and decorating home which allows this arrangement. Thus, one of the valuable advantages of integrating these apartment layout ideas is that of being able to promote the unity and cohesion of the inhabitants of the places. Indeed, it is well known that many elements of interior design intertwine with the psychology of individuals. Therefore, by integrating an open floor plan, the person who cooks to easily communicate with other members of the family or even with the guests who will be in the living room. This limits the segmentation of spaces but this is obviously not the only advantage. Indeed, this particular space design makes it possible to give the illusion that the rooms are larger and to bring light to them.

Thus, opting for these open concept kitchen ideas is a great advantage for your well-being but also for the practical aspects of your interior such as the brightness for example. Yet, when faced with its large, empty spaces, it can be difficult to know how to decorate in a way that makes you feel right there. In the rest of this article, we, therefore, offer you a list of different tips to be able to have the best open floor layout.

Open Concept Apartment: How to Separate Rooms in an Open Floor Plan?

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When integrating a space interior design like the open floor, it is important to follow various tips that we have offered in the list below. Find out everything you need to know for a successful open floor including space design, lighting, light, and one final inspiration from lofts

Ensure the Delimitation of Spaces

It can be difficult to know how to do your separate rooms in an open floor plan. However, it is an important element in properly decorating open flooring. Thus, each space must maintain its function in order to maintain consistency and organization in the space. For this, it is possible to use different ways to delimit the spaces. For example, you can find an article on our blog on how to demarcate spaces with semi-delimitations such as curtains. It is a solution that is effective and can allow several original decorations, such as delimiting the spaces with linen curtains or even with your kitchen work plan. Another way is by varying the floors and using different rock flooring ideas. For example, it may be interesting to delineate the living room space from the dining room floor plans with a Moroccan rug.

Ensure the Delimitation of Spaces

When we are interested in the design of space, one of the most essential elements concerns the choice of colors, Indeed, the color has different functions and maybe use to give consistency or bring differentiation in the distribution of spaces. One of the safe values ​​for open floor plan paint ideas is to use white. Indeed, white brings a notion of unity and luminosity which is necessary for open floors. In addition, this color allows you to bring a contemporary and industrial touch to your interior design if it combines with gray or concrete for example. If you want to go with a warmer decoration, you can use different neutral colors to replace white such as taupe for example. If you are looking for more vibrant colors, it is important that this color is available either across different panels or in the same tones throughout the space. So, if you want to have a khaki kitchen, you can, for example, match it with a rug with designs incorporating this color. This will define an atmosphere of cohesion within the space which will promote harmony.

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The Lightning

Lighting can be one of the easiest ways to delimit spaces. Indeed, light is constantly perceived by our vision and subconsciously affects how we feel about space. Therefore, the kitchen being a place where people are generally active, it is interesting to install lighting with a stronger brightness. It also makes it easier to see when preparing different dishes and is therefore of the utmost importance. On the other hand, the living room is generally a place of rest where you go to rest, chat with friends, or read a book. For this, it is important that the lighting matches this atmosphere of relaxation and relaxation. It is, therefore, more recommended to opt for dim lighting. You can also add candles to create a cozy atmosphere that breaks with the great outdoors. You can also think about incorporating lights whose strength and effect can be changed. When cooking, it is important to have your worktop well lit, just like the rest of the kitchen.

The Importance of the Work Plan

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Open flooring spaces are interesting and comfortable places thanks to the freedom they offer. However, it is important that the kitchen worktop integrate seamlessly and elegantly into the space interior design. To do this, we recommend a good quality worktop, the color, and finishes of which blend into both the kitchen and the rest of your open floor plan apartment. In addition to its aspects, its position is also very important to create a space where it feels good that the position of the worktop fits into the layout of the room. Thus, the worktop can be used to delimit the space from the kitchen to the living room. It is also possible to use it as an in-between space allowing a delimitation with one side of the worktop where one cooks and on the other side stools, thus transforming it into a lounge bar.

Open Floor Plans with Loft

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One of the trendiest ways to decorate your open-concept apartment, of course, is by taking inspiration from lofts. Since the 1980s, lofts have been the most recognized embodiment of great room floor plans, transforming large, uncluttered industrial spaces into accommodating living spaces. To be able to maintain the spirit of the industrial past of the spaces, the lofts often offer open flooring whose contemporary and designer furniture is part of the raw interior architecture. More and more, the interior decoration of lofts displays a play of contrast by varying this timeless minimalist atmosphere with vintage and collection pieces. If this New York vibe sounds like you, you can easily recreate your open floor plan with loft look inspirations. For this, it is enough to opt for brick walls combined with concrete floors. Installing a large bay window going from the ceiling to the floor will also bring in natural light as well as a unique space design between your interior and the view on the outside. As for the furniture, you can opt for metal objects such as floor lamps or table lamps to promote a workshop spirit.

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In this article, we have made you discover the various advantages of having an open floor design both for your well-being and for the cohesion of the collective present in this space. We have also transmitted to you the different elements to take into consideration to have a harmonious and successful space while respecting the limitation of spaces. Indeed, to have a successful open floor, it is important to find the right balance between cohesion and delineation of space and it is precisely this tension that makes all the beauty of this interior design. Finally, we have made a selection of how to transform your open floor space into a super trendy contemporary New York loft.

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