On Airbnb, You Can Now Have a Million-Dollar Insurance and Internet Speed Check

Airbnb has updated its interface

Airbnb has updated its interface and released more than 50 new features that are available for both guests and rental owners. In particular, the platform has launched a new insurance service. When registering the date of settlement, the user can insure himself for up to one million dollars.

The policy will cover the entire period of residence at the specified address, and you can request payment even if you receive a non-life-threatening injury. The same payment is provided for the owners if housing or property is damaged. It also covers harm from pets.

The online accommodation, search and short-term rental service around the world has also expanded the time frame during which complaints of injuries or inconveniences experienced while staying can be accepted. Now, the application can be submitted within 14 days and even if another guest has already arrived at the apartment.

In addition, the rental service has added the function of monitoring the status of the Internet connection. Before checking into an apartment, the user can request information about the WiFi speed. Other innovations include a countdown function until a guest arrives, the ability to book an apartment 12 months before check-in, and a check on facilities for people with disabilities.

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