Oasis of Nature in Megalopolises: Eco-Style in Your Apartment

eco style in the apartment

Eco-style has appeared as a reaction to challenges and limitations of growing up cities – pressure, stress, and pollution. High speed of life often leads to the syndrome of constant tiredness and depressed condition. The bad ecological situation only makes it all worth it.

That’s why eco-style helps to feel like if you have gotten to the countryside, to calm down your feelings and feel more safe and quiet.


This style demands to use of simple, natural, and quiet colors, which do not irritate and turns on the emotions. Clear ones are the most preferable, such as beige, blue, wooden, grey, sandy, minty, black (in a small amount), the color of young grass.

Look at the combination of colors in the natural landscapes – those are the best to embody into your eco-style design.


They should be mostly of natural origin. Try to avoid plastic and other overtly artificial materials. The best are wood, metal, natural stone, glass, and ceramic tile. Wood is the most widespread in this current, being its business card. It must be not painted and less processed. It can be only covered with stains, varnishes, and primers.

Accessories and Furniture

Not only materials are important but also the shapes. Simple lines and shapes match this style the best. The possessing must be specifically rough and even rustical – it has to emphasize the natural origin of the material.


Eco-style loves everything natural, so the light must be also as natural, as it is possible. Perfect case – huge windows all over the place. The electric light must be mild and warm.

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