Not a Big Deal! – How to Arrange a Small Bathroom

Practically all designers say, that the main thing in the functionality of the design is not the size of the room, but the way you arrange it. They create a real masterpiece even in the smallest apartments, making them not only look stylish but also be maximum functional.

So, a small bathroom – is not doom. Take these few steps to make it the most convenient for everyday use.

Only the Necessary Things

Think twice if you really need both shower and a bath. In most cases, people practically never use a bath if they have a shower, and it’s totally understandable. Leave here only the things that are essential for everyday using.

Different Types of Light

small bathroom

If you arrange only one source of light, the room will look smaller. Use additional backlights to highlight certain zones to make space more volume.

Make Everything Accessible

Massive cabinets here wouldn’t be a good idea. Give a preference to a narrow high one, which can be placed in the corner. It can be a very convenient place if everything is easy to get and easy to be stored.

Illusion of Space

the small bathroom design

Big mirrors and glance surfaces are able to make such a visual effect. They will also reflect the light and multiply it. Do not forget about the patterns: strict lines have the ability to prolong the surface visually. Horizontal lines make them look wider, and the vertical ones – higher.


You can reach the effect of an airy interior using this material, and the bathroom is one of the most appropriate places to use it. Shower cabins, countertops, shelves, even the sink can be made of glass. It will give you the feeling of empty space.

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