The First Luxury Organic Paint Collection Nilaya Naturals Was Launched in India

Organic Paint Collection Nilaya Naturals

More and more people choose to be deliberate today. And this is good news, to be honest. Sustainable fashion, a plastic-free existence are the settled things in modern society and now organic paints joined the ranks. Nilaya Naturals was launched a few days ago in India. And it is the first organic assemblage in the country's history.

Nearly 95% of the used ingredients were received from natural sources. The compound of the line is absolutely safe for you and your home and even healthy. The unique system of coloration makes the layers of the paint porous and allows to regulate humidity and stops microbial growth. Your room will always be clean, fresh, and light. You have the opportunity to choose the best of 35 different shades, each of them has three variations. Also, you will get a 10-year guarantee.

Could you ever imagine that someday humanity will return to using natural products? What do you think about the collection? Let us know in the comments below!

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