Add Pure and Natural to Your Home, Discover the Nilaya Naturals Collection

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If you prefer green smoothies and natural skincare products, follow sustainable fashion and a plastic-free lifestyle - you can now add some pure and natural paints to your house. Presented this week, Nilaya Naturals is the collection of luxury organic paints in India. Discover more about it!

40,000 years have passed since the first pigments were invented. Then, they were made by mixing soil, animal fat, burnt charcoal, and chalk to be applied to cave walls. And recently Nilaya Naturals by Asian Paints has launched a sustainable and environment-friendly line where ninety-five percent of the ingredients are sourced naturally.

The range is 100 percent safe and healthy both for your space and you as it consists of soya bean extract, casein, calcium carbonate, castor seeds, and neem oil. In addition, to its organic composition, its unique system can regulate the humidity level and prevent microbial growth.

The paints also absorb CO2 from the surrounding atmosphere and make the room smell clean and fresh.

All the paints are packed in tin containers and the pigments come in eco-friendly sachets and paper boxes.

The team studied traditional paint-making techniques and worked with pigments that occur in a natural way. The range includes red, yellow, purple, brown, black, and chalk. 

For example, Ragas in the Rain is a grew-brown shade that remains neutral and is suitable to almost any color, no matter if it is light or dark. 

While Tender Coconut Summer consists of amo pigment mixed with green pigment and ochre.

And Jaipur Morning Walk is a terracotta shade that resembles the vibrant streets of the city. The color combines red and yellow ochres with high-quality pigments.

In general, the palette numbers 35 different shades, and each of them is available in three variations according to your choice. The product has a 10-year warranty.

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