The Artist Adi Goodrich Has Opened a New Surrealist Store Dream in Los Angeles

New surrealist Los Angeles store

The famous designer and artist, Adi Goodrich has created a special shop, full of surrealist details and the magic of sleep. The store got the name Dreams. The work was done in cooperation with the master`s friend and the head of Dreams, Monica Navarro. The creation takes place in Atwater Village.

The interior was made in a way to unite adventure, dreaming, and irrationality. The main color is terracotta and the contrast detail is a bright blue sculpture. The big stone brings creativity to the building and attracts the whole attention of the clients. It involved adding to the store something natural but strange. The dye that covers the item is matte.

The author tried to develop the area where people can feel as in the fairytale. The thought that you are on an amazing trip doesn't leave you till every last second of being in the shop.

All the furniture is created from curved, undulating shapes. Here you can purchase the needs for home, clothes for the artists and much more. There are several separate departments named home, accessories, books, clothes, children, and pharmacy.

So, what do you think about the surrealist store in Los Angeles? Have you ever been there? Write in the comments below!

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