New Patio? All about Wood Deck Replacement Alternatives

wood like decking products

Who has never dreamed of having a practical and designer terrace to enjoy the arrival of a summer day? The terrace is the perfect place to enjoy observing the beauty of nature, from sunrise to birdsong. A real paradise to experience spring in peace. However, it is essential to choose the foundations of your terrace well to prevent this resting place from turning into a daily chore.

One of the most popular materials for decking is usually wood. Although wooden decks have always been renowned for their beauty and elegance, they are also synonymous with maintenance and work. Indeed, wood is a natural material, and therefore it is often difficult to maintain. In addition, it has a significant cost. It usually takes service several times a year for it to maintain its color. In addition, wood is also a very malleable material which adds the risk of it moving over time.

In this article, we'll give you all the keys to finding a cheaper, easier-to-maintain alternative to making your patio the most beautiful place in your home. We will offer you the advantages and disadvantages of wood decking alternatives such as modified wood or composite wood while explaining to you what are the specificities of these wood-like decking products.

The Composite Wood for an Alternative Decking Material

wood alternative decking materials

Composite wood is a fake wood deck material made from a mixture of sawdust with plastic. It is a very new system and has become popular in a very short time. Therefore, there is not yet much information on how this material can evolve over the very long term and it is considered as a nonwood deck material.

Composite wood is a material that has several advantages over wood. Due to its composition, it is very inexpensive and requires little maintenance. It is resistant to temperature change as well as humidity and dust. The only maintenance for this material is a basic cleaning almost similar to the indoor floor. Plus, being new to the market, companies have designed it to be easily attached. There are even some that are available with a hidden fixing system that avoids having vices heads for example.

However, like any type of material, it also has certain drawbacks. It has often been criticized for its ecological footprint. Although sawdust comes from recycled wood waste, its manufacture is considered an intensive process. At this time, there is no way to recycle composite wood, which means that once your patio deteriorates, there isn't much you can do but change it. Another criticism of composite wood is it’s often very heavyweight without having better quality.

Acetylated Wood, the New Fake Wood for Decks

non wood deck material

Acetylated wood is another material for decking alternative to wood. It can be made in different ways. One is to use chemical treatment without the use of toxic products. To better understand this process, the wood is first cut and then dried. Subsequently, it will be soaked in acetic anhydride which is a harmless product that is very similar to vinegar. Another way to achieve this modified wood is a thermo-heating technique which allows the wood to dry and make it more resistant. It represents the best alternative to wood decking on the market, often sourced from wood from protected forests.

One of the advantages for which acetylated wood is one of the alternative wood decking materials is its ecological side. But that's not the only reason, as it's also known to be relatively easy to maintain. It only requires cleaning with water. In addition to this, this process increases the strength of the wood significantly. It can withstand all types of climates as well as bad insects. In addition to all these advantages, you will also have the chance to have a deck that looks as elegant as those made of wood. It is even often noted that acetylated wood becomes richer and more beautiful with age.

fake wood deck material

In this article, we have introduced you to two wood-alternative decking materials, famous for different reasons. The modified wood is often valued for the low price at which it is found on the market as well as the ease of maintenance and installation of the terrace. As for acetylated wood for its ecological side and the elegance of its design, which allows you to have a terrace as majestic as those made of wood.

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