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neon lights for home

Neon Lights Room

Neon has been making a comeback as one of the trendiest design elements for some time now. It's probably the most fashionable accessory of the moment and is found in more and more places. In recent years, whether in restaurants, bars, clubs, museums and even movie lights, neon is everywhere and probably the most trendy element of the moment. Neon brings an atmosphere and a real unique touch to your decoration. Although many people have chosen to buy neon to decorate their workplace or their home/apartment, one of the most appropriate places to install neon is the bedroom. Neon can also become an essential part of your interior design. One of the trends we have seen in the past year has been the return of neon signs for home. It is becoming a very popular element to give an alternative and relaxed style. This style of light has quickly become an indispensable element in home decoration, bringing something interesting in many decorative styles : urban, modern, industrial and even in the retro modern look. In the rest of this article, we propose you to discover how neon lights for room can give an original and unique style to your interior design. We propose you to discover everything you need to know about home neon lights.

What Is Its History?

neon lights for rooms

The idea of using fluorescence for lighting dates back to the second half of the 19th century. It was Edmond Becquerel who covered the inside of discharge tubes with different fluorescent powders to change the color of the light coming from them. These primitive fluorescent lamps will find no practical application because of their insufficient light intensity. Various improvements were made to this first neon prototype to make it the product we know today. You can find different types of neon on the market. Indeed, at the moment, there are even some that are more environmentally friendly, which can vary in color like LED neon lights for rooms for example.

In the rest of the article, we will focus more on different neon decoration ideas. Discover different neon signs for the home that will bring a warm atmosphere to your home.

Neon Decorations Ideas

neon lights for your room

How to Use Neon Lights for Your Room?

As previously mentioned, neon is an accessory that can be integrated into many rooms, including your bedroom. The bedroom is a particularly intimate place and a true sanctuary,. You can't welcome just any neon. You have to choose a unique neon that reflects your world. Why not a sentence that touches you particularly, or a strong symbol. Perhaps you already have the perfect neon in mind? Know that you can also choose to design your own neon! Who better than you to design a neon reflecting your world? You can decorate your room with neon signs for rooms with design that resembles you. For example, if the name of a song or a symbol touches you particularly, we advise you to make a neon sign and install it in your room. In this case, not only will you have a decoration that brings you light while reflecting your personality.

What Atmosphere Will Neon Lights Room Bring?

Having such an object in a room is a great way to add color, perfect the overall atmosphere of the room and create a focal point. Both simple and effective, neon can be subtly noticed in daylight and becomes the main decorative object in your room when the sun goes down. If you want a room with a unique atmosphere that will surprise your guests, nothing beats adding neon lights for home. Furthermore, to continue on with unique room decoration and neon room ideas, neon lights can vary depending on the location of your room. So, for an intimate atmosphere nothing beats a red neon above the bed. For a more creative corner, you can think of a blue neon for example. But nothing will be worth the neon led. Indeed, it will be easy for you to find some that changes color and even can make different atmospheres according to your moods.

neon signs for rooms

It is true that when it is necessary to add light in a room, many people turn first to classic lamps or ceiling lights. Unfortunately, classical lighting prevents adding depth to the decoration and often lacks personality. Classical lights are simply functional and do not bring anything really exciting or intriguing like neon lights can do. In addition, it is usually difficult to get a light that suits you and that is customized with classic lamps.

On the other hand, neon lights subtly add light to a room, while providing a unique piece of decor. This type of light attracts the attention of all visitors to the room and leaves a lasting impression. It is ideal if you want to add personality and style. Neon lights bring this epic dimension to a room, bringing it into a kind of nocturnal and festive atmosphere. With these neon ideas, your room will become your favorite place, no need to leave your apartment. These neon lights for room will amaze your guests while making you feel at home.

A Way to Express Yourself

neon sign for home

Neon should be seen, not as a light fixture, but as a work of art in its own right in a room. It's there to inspire, create atmosphere and catch the eye. Just as you install a painting to sublimate a room and make it unique, a neon is an original piece of decoration that conveys a strong atmosphere, resonating in the light as well as in the darkness. By integrating home neon signs, you can vary the atmosphere of your room infinitely. To continue on neon room ideas, you can use neon as a projection of your personality in space. In fact, neon can be used as an accessory linking your personality to your room. So when you invite someone into your home, it will give them an indication of who you are and what you love in life. Just by changing the colors, you can completely change the atmosphere in your room.

Turning your room from a simple resting place into a connection between two worlds, your personal universe and the outside world. All you have to do is choose what your neon signs for rooms will say about you and what you want to show to the world of your person. You can also hang a neon sign above your window which will catch the eye just by walking past your door. If you are a rather expressive person, you can start with different colored leds to be placed everywhere in the room. This will give a rainbow effect to your room. If you are a more down-to-earth person, start with matte neon lights in warm colors such as orange. If you want a more romantic room, nothing will be worth red. It's probably the best known color of neon for the warmth it brings to your home.

Neon Sign for Home

neon sign home

Can the Neon Lights Be Used in Any Room?

We have presented you with different ways to integrate neon into your room, but it is obvious that they can be used in any room of your house. For example, you can use a blue neon for your living room as a decorative piece of furniture that brings light. You can for example install it under your sofa or under your coffee table. You can welcome your guests with a neon sign home that says: "Welcome" or have a sign with your name and address - this will make it easier for your guests to find your home. Just keep in mind to have neon signs for the home that represents you and talks about you.

neon signs for the home

In this article, we have presented you everything you need to know about neon lights. How to choose the color of your neon room light? It depends on the atmosphere you are looking for. Which neon light signs for home to choose? Take a neon with a reference that speaks about you and that will make you feel good. But most importantly, take the time to enjoy this unique and original light.

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9 months ago

I like neon lights and yesterday I ordered in web a lot of neon lights and signs.

I think it's best way to upgrade your bedroom, but could ultraviolet be dangerous for human?

7 months ago
Reply to  Mike

I think you afraid that Ne (inert or noble gas) may hurt you or your close ones, don't you? It’s commonly non-toxic at standard temperature and pressure. This gas also poses no harm to the environment and living beings.

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