National Floral Design Day

floral design day 2021

Just a few days before the arrival of the big day of the floral day, enough to take the time to playfully discover what floral art is and what is celebrated on this special day. Flowers have always been part of human existence and more generally of the customs of civilizations. They are often put forward for their medical side and the good that they can do for body and mind when we know in depth their composition and effect. Since ancient times, flowers have been invaluable all over the world. They appear there as a decorative element for the first time and are put on a pedestal for the beauty and the scents they bring to the spaces in which they are placed. They symbolize the harmony, friendliness, and softness full of notions that are essential for the well-being of a home. In the arts, flowers are used as an essential source of inspiration such as in painting, garden, or various floral arrangements. In the rest of this article, we invite you to discover what floral design is first and how it is celebrated during the floral design day 2021.

What Is Floral Design?

The floral design describes the skill of knowing how to assemble flowers, foliage, herbs, and other plant accessories to create aesthetic and artistic assemblages aimed at decorating homes or for specific events. Indeed, religious events are often the subject of major floral design commissions. This practice is an art and for creations to be beautiful it is important that they combine floral knowledge with love and passion for flowers. Generally, days like national floral design day aim to promote floral design as a practice in itself combining knowledge, passion, and originality. Only with the help of this trio, you will be able to successfully design wreaths, bouquets, boutonnieres, and artificial flowers.

Floral Day: A Day to Celebrate the National Floral Design

national floral

It was thanks to Carl Rittner that Floral Design Day was established and it was intended to celebrate the founder of the school specializing in this practice; The Rittnes School of Floral Design. It is located in Boston and was one of the best places to learn about floral design. It has been since 1995 that this day was officially proclaimed and whose goal aims to highlight all the artistic beauty of this area.

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