Visiting Naomi Campbell’s House on the Pacific Coast of the Indian Ocean

Visiting Naomi Campbell’s House

After walking the runways at some of the most iconic fashion shows around the world, supermodel Naomi Campbell likes to relax at her luxurious villa in Malindi, Kenya.

50-year-old British supermodel Naomi Campbell has been modeling for over 30 years, and even she sometimes wants a break from the kaleidoscope of shows and photo shoots. She bought a secluded villa for this purpose 20 years ago in a Kenyan town on the shores of the Indian Ocean. And now she willingly invites journalists there and talks about the peculiarities of the Naomi Campbell Malindi Kenya house design.

The supermodel bought the traditional East African style villa 20 years ago and since then has been furnishing it with furniture and art objects she has bought from all over the world. Now in Malindi, Kenya, a city that is only an hour away from the Kenyan capital, Nairobi, many stars have bought homes. The place is especially popular with Italians.

Paradise Village

Campbell first visited Malindi and traditional Kenyan houses in the mid-1990s and returned a few years later with a longtime friend who owns this Kenyan luxury resort, which is home to several private residences, including the Campbell residence. Malindi is just an hour's flight from the Kenyan capital, Nairobi, and has long been a favorite destination for Italian travelers. All the locals there speak Italian, and it's like Little Italy in East Africa.

Naomi is allowed to tour around her idyllic villa in Malindi, and it is nothing short of perfection!

Villa by the Ocean

House on the Pacific Coast of the Indian Ocean

The traditional style of the Naomi home was furnished and equipped by the supermodel with furniture and art objects she bought from all over the world. The model bought hand-made doors and pieces of furniture in Senegal, and lamps — in Morocco, the walls are decorated with paintings by Kenyan artist Armando Tanzini. According to Naomi Campbell, she worked extensively with local artisans who created furniture and interior furnishings directly in her home. This is how Naomi tries to support local artisans.

Tour of the Villa

Villa by the Ocean

Naomi's Kenyan property is stunning! The villa's living room is open-air, with a saltwater pool overlooking the Naomi terrace house. The thatched roof of the house consists of sun-dried coconut palm leaves hand-stitched into intricate layers.

The saltwater pool, which faces outdoors from the center of the living room, is perfect for a quick morning swim. 

dining place in Naomi's villa

The on-site pools are completely outdoors and surrounded by palm trees. It's a great place to relax and enjoy a cool drink. Her latest pool is right outside the guest house and is surrounded by bougainvilleas. Like her living room, there's shade from the roof.

Tour of the Villa Naomi

But if Campbell doesn't feel like swimming in a pool, she has another option: the Indian Ocean, where the model has her own private beach. Unlike most home tours, she doesn't show off her kitchen, bathroom, or dining room (or her nine refrigerators, like Kim Kardashian). While this home is certainly an entertainer's paradise, the entire surroundings are also entertaining.

Another bedroom from Naomi Campbell's Villa

When the model is in the mood to entertain, the twin pergolas with voile curtains serve as the perfect spot for family dinners. The vaulted cathedral ceilings and thatched roof made from sun-dried coconut palm leaves are what Campbell likes so much. Thatched roofs have been a staple in East Africa for centuries and are hand-stitched in an intricate process of layering.

Naomi Campbell's villa

This roof of the Campbell house has been at the model's house for at least 12 years, and it's still in good shape. Although the air, wind, and sea salt can cause things to deteriorate very quickly, all the details are very well-preserved, and the house is a work of art in itself. The huge lanterns that hang from the rafters come from Morocco and Egypt and are as dazzling as they are majestic. Campbell enjoys buying furniture throughout Africa, but she has found great success in Marrakech and Cairo. Senegal, she adds, is another must-visit destination when she goes for one-of-a-kind treasures. Senegal has stunning Naomi furniture and each time the model adds to her collection.

amazing bathroom from Naomi's Home

Campbell doesn't have to go far for wonderful wood products. Most of the wooden furniture in the Naomi Campbell house is made in Malindi. In fact, the model had a workshop in the back of the house. The hand-carved wooden doors depicting two dancing men in traditional ceremonial robes were created by Armando Tanzini, an award-winning artist who has lived and worked in Malindi for years. They are several decades old and have proven to be reliable conversationalists. There are other works by Tanzini in Naomi Campbell's house, including several large-scale maps of Africa.

Naomi's Villa on the coat

Above the living room hangs a group of huge sculptural "latika" lanterns found during Campbell's travels to Egypt and Morocco. Kenyan-made furniture complements the decor of the Naomi family residence.

Some of Campbell's most vivid memories involve Kenya: dining on sandbanks in the middle of the Indian Ocean, camping with the nomadic Samburu tribe, summer safaris, and watching the annual Great Migration.

Thoughts about the Future

It is unknown how much time Naomi will spend at her hotel-like home in the Indian Ocean now that she is a new mother. Nevertheless, now Campbell, who was appointed Kenya's official ambassador for tourism so long ago, says she intends to use all her influence to help and protect all 54 African countries.

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