If You Think That a Monochrome Interior Is Boring and Inexpressive. Nothing like This!

What is a monochromatic interior design with monochromatic colors? It is based on only one color as a dominant and its shades as auxiliary elements. Usually, preference is given to white, beige, gray, or dark brown colors. They look discreet and always relevant. In addition, it is easier to match the shade with the monochromatic color wheel and maintain balance. Less commonly used shades of blue, green, and purple, but the interiors look bright and effective.

Those who choose monochrome interiors strive, first of all, to reduce visual noise. But to really achieve this, you need to adhere to a few rules.

The modern monochromatic definition is built on the principle of dominance and contrast. In monochromatic theory for walls and floors, as a rule, light color is used, for pieces of furniture and accessories - a dark one. On the contrary, the option looks more impressive and solemn, but it is much more difficult to maintain the integrity of the composition in this case.

monochromatic meaning

To make the main color "play", you need to add small blotches of contrasting colors. They will emphasize the main leitmotif and make the interior more "discharged" by removing the excessive pressure of the key color from the monochromatic palette.

For the ceiling, it is preferable to opt for white. Otherwise, you will get the impression of a closed, "oppressive" space in which it will be uncomfortable to be for a long time. The white ceiling visually makes the monochromatic room taller and brighter and allows you to create different lighting scenarios. It can be a large chandelier, and multidirectional sconces and floor lamps.

A much more important rule will be the choice of the color of the ceiling. It must be white, and nothing else! Because otherwise, the impression of a very closed space will be created, in which it will be very unpleasant to be. Even artificial light, brightly and skillfully directed towards the dark ceiling, will not help here - the room will still seem inhospitable. Therefore, we make the task easier - we make the ceiling white and think over a lighting scenario that will bring the interior to life as much as possible. It can be a large chandelier or several light sources aimed at different surfaces, as well as dynamic lighting that is so fashionable today.

It is worth paying attention to the textures, in which the monochromatic color scheme will reveal itself more effectively: glossy and matte surfaces, silk and velvet, stone and wood, marble and glass, metals. The similarity of shades, but the difference in textures give the interior an artistic expressiveness and make it more detailed.

With the right combination of shades in the monochromatic color palette, the range will be appropriate in the interior of absolutely any style - from classic to contemporary. And the choice of the dominant color leaves room for experiment and even makes it possible to create a very extravagant interior without struggle monochromatic vs polychromatic.

Three Rules of Monochrome Interior

monochromatic room

“Monochrome? It's boring! " - this is how most of us will react to the proposal to make an interior in this style. And the fault lies in the stereotypes, thanks to which the interior, made with the dominance of one color, seems uninteresting and quickly boring even with monochromatic color harmony. By the way, this is not necessarily a combination of black and white, a monochromatic color scheme interior design can be made on the basis of any color, it is just that the black and white combination has recently gained deserved popularity and is a kind of design classic. 

Monochrome interiors are chosen by people who value a calm range or prefer one particular color. Such monochromatic color scheme example interiors are by no means boring; with the right combination of shades and a competent selection of textures, rooms made in this style can become the embodiment of elegance and sophistication of taste.

When creating an interior, three important rules for your monochromatic design ideas must be observed:

The First Rule

Colors: Dominant and Complementary

Monochrome style is always based on the principle of the dominance of one color with minor inclusions of others. There are a number of universal helper colors - primarily white, gray, black, silver, and gold.

Speaking of the dominant color, it is worth mentioning that in order for the interior not to be boring and monotonous, it is necessary to use different shades of the same color. For example, in the case of blue, it will be the entire gamut, from sky blue to deep blue.

The Second Rule

The Invoice Will Help Us!

Even one shade of the same color can be perceived differently without a monochromatic color scale; the secret of this effect lies in the texture. A plain, smooth surface can be successfully combined with a pattern, various patterns, geometric shapes that can be present in the design of wallpaper, textiles, or decor.

The play on the contrast of light reflection of matte and glossy surfaces looks unusually impressive. The gloss will look good in the decoration of walls, columns, on the surfaces of tables and dressers. The main thing is not to overdo it so that the decorative chic monochromatic design does not blind your eyes.

Another technique is the use of volumetric elements in combination with smooth ones. Masonry, tiles, 3D panels, decorative overlays made of metal, wood, structural paint or textured plaster and many more similar materials will help both dilute the color and, if necessary, highlight different functional areas.

Rule Three

Let There Be Light!

The original monochromatic meaning in lighting in design will easily revive any interior; the creation of interesting lighting effects, the use of multi-level ceilings, spot and strip lamps will add unusualness to the interior. Although a traditional chandelier is made in a unique design, it can become a real decoration of the room.

With these simple rules, you can create a gorgeous monochromatic interior in your favorite color.

How to unleash the potential of monochromatic style? In order to create a monochrome interior from scratch, you need to have an idea not only about the color you want to use but also about the competent distribution of roles for the shades of this color.

gray decor

The first step is to understand what kind of decoration you want to see in your home. Whether it will be an interior of light or dark colors. All pastel shades of monochromatic ideas are considered calm colors. It is comfortable and cozy to live among them, they do not cause antagonism. Uniform light interiors are perfect for rooms with insufficient light. They create a gentle and airy atmosphere.

At the same time in monochromatic color design, saturated colors such as black, green, or blue are considered very attractive. In order to soften the harshness of a dark interior, it is enough to add accessories and decorative elements of a neutral shade to it. For example, a white carpet can make a room brighter and more pleasant.

The Diversity of Monochromatic Tones in the Interior

Monochrome interiors are popular due to the fact that this is one of the ways to surround yourself with your favorite color. There are a lot of monochromatic colors examples. By choosing shades, you can reveal the full power of the selected color, see its richness of halftones.

Impeccable Purity of White

White is ideal for visually adjusting a room. He is able to add volume and expand the boundaries of the room.

monochromatic color white scheme

Designers appreciate these properties, which is why white is often used to decorate small apartments. Its neutrality does not overload the interior, it is laconic and elegant.

However, you need to be careful when choosing to light for white. Depending on the effect you want, you can choose cold lighting to create an austere interior, or yellow lighting to soften the room and make it cozy.

white interior

In order for the white monochrome interior not to look too impersonal, it is complemented with dynamic things. It can be various elements of decoration with a pronounced texture, decor of bizarre shapes, and unusual furniture. The white monochrome interior is a great choice for a bathroom or an extravagant living room.

Nobility of Gray

monochromatic palette

Gray color has a rich palette of halftones and is actively used for the design of monochrome interiors. This calm shade is perfect for living rooms.

Gray is very often used in areas such as Scandinavian style, industrial, loft, hi-tech. It works well with other colors, so you can easily pick up accent details.

The classic grey monochromatic room design is an elegant, noble, and laconic design. A rich palette of shades allows you to create unique and very subtle combinations. Expensive fabrics, metal, and marble have become the eternal companions of gray.

It blends perfectly with natural materials, so the gray walls are successfully set off with wooden floors. Cozy upholstered furniture, voluminous carpets with a thick piles, and various decorative elements look advantageous against its background. That is why monochromatic decorating ideas in gray tones are perhaps the best choice for a living room.

Fireworks of Bright Colors

Bright monochrome interiors can create a cheerful mood for the whole house. Try decorating the room or monochromatic house exterior in shades of green and different monochromatic decor. This color is one of the few that can be used in large quantities in the interior. We have been accustomed to green since childhood because we are surrounded by plants, trees, and grass. This is a very positive color and should not be feared. 

The green monochrome interior is a rich combination of shades such as marsh, bottle glass, mint, moss, and fresh foliage. Thanks to this, the design is very versatile and beautiful.

green decor

Green also looks great on the contrast of textures. Mixing rough plaster with velvet decor, glossy glass surfaces with matte textures, you get a trendy and original interior.

purple decor

A room decorated in purple shades looks very noble and luxurious. This deep color is considered cold, and not everyone dares to use it. Therefore, when choosing a purple monochrome interior, you must be completely sure that this is your color.

To soften it, accent decor in light shades is introduced into the monochromatic exterior house colors design. Purple is in great demand in such stylistic directions as modern, pop art, art deco. But if you are not sure that you are ready for such a monochrome interior, we advise you to turn your attention to shades of lavender and lilac. Yellow is associated with sunlight. It is very warm, atmospheric and fun. The monochrome yellow interior is perfect for a bedroom, as it is easy to wake up in such a room as if it is illuminated from the inside with soft light.

yellow monochrome decor

Yellow looks great in tandem with other colors and, depending on color combinations, you can get a design that suits your temperament.

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